what types of cheeses does Subway use

What Types Of Cheese Does Subway Use (All About Subway Cheese)

Subway is known for offering a large variety of ingredients for your made-to-order sandwich but, what types of cheese does Subway have?

Subway offers its customers an abundant selection of cheeses from Classic American, Spicy Pepperjack, melty Mozzarella, and salty feta. Most Subway Sandwiches come with a default cheese that can be changed upon order.

How Many Different Types Of Cheese Does Subway Have

Subway offers a large selection of ten different kinds of cheese for you to choose from on your Subway Sandwiches.

You can even mix and match the cheeses if you desire.

What Kind Of Cheese Does Subway Have

  • American Cheese
  • Pepper Jack
  • Provolone
  • Monterey Cheddar
  • Shredded Mozzarella
  • Mozzarella Style Plant-Based Slices
  • Belgioioso® Fresh Mozzarella
  • Feta
  • Parmesan
  • Swiss

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Is Subway Cheese Real Cheese

The majority of the cheeses available at Subway are processed cheese.

While processed cheese is real cheese it is not 100% cheese since it contains other ingredients.

What Is The White Cheese At Subway

Subway offers a variety of white cheeses from slices to shredded cheese.

The white cheese slices at Subway are American Cheese and Provolone.

The white American Cheese is rectangular in shape whereas the Provolone cheese is circular.

The shredded white cheese at Subway is mozzarella or plant-based mozzarella.

Some locations may also offer white Swiss Cheese.

What Is Subway American Cheese

The American Cheese offered at Subway is manufactured specifically for Subway.

A couple of similar options are Kraft American Cheese Slices, Land O Lakes Slices, or the American Cheese Slices you can purchase at your local deli.

What Is The Shredded Cheese At Subway

Subway offers a variety of shredded cheeses for your sandwiches the classic white shredded mozzarella and the Monterey Cheddar shreds.

What Is The Normal Subway Cheese

The classic white American Cheese is the normal cheese that will be used on your sandwich.

There are exceptions to this rule like the meatball marinara sub that always uses shredded mozzarella unless you request a different type of cheese.

Why Is Cheddar Cheese Discontinued At Subway

Subway corporate released a statement when they choose to discontinue cheddar cheese stating they are trying to streamline the menu and reduce costs, the cheddar cheese sells the least.

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What Mozzarella Cheese Does Subway Use

Subway uses white shredded mozzarella cheese that may be supplied by Denmark Cheese or BelGioioso.

What Kind Of Cheese Is On A Subway Melt

White American Cheese is the default cheese for the Subway Melt Sandwich, you can request any of the other cheeses when you place your order.

What Kind Of Cheese is On A Steak & Cheese At Subway

The Steak & Cheese at Subway uses Classic White American Cheese unless you select another option.

What Kind Of Cheese is On A Meatball Marinara At Subway

The Meatball Marinara Sub at Subway automatically comes with melty With American Cheese and a sprinkle of Parmesan.

What Kind Of Cheese Is On A Veggie Sub At Subway

The Veggie Delite comes with White American Cheese.

what types of cheese does Subway have

What Cheese Is Best At Subway

The best cheese at Subway is a matter of opinion and depends on the sub sandwich that you or ordering.

I enjoy the Spicy Pepper Jack for most subs or the melty mozzarella.

Does Subway Have A Cheese Sauce

Subway does not currently offer cheese sauce at its restaurants.

Does Subway Have Cheddar Cheese

Subway used to have cheddar cheese but, in 2019 corporate decided to discontinue cheddar cheese due to efforts toward streamlining the menu and the lower sales of cheddar cheese.

What Subway Cheese Is The Healthiest

The healthiest cheese at Subway will depend on your unique diet and needs but, the fresh mozzarella chees is the lowest in fat and calories per serving.

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Why Does Subway Cheese Melt In The Fridge

Many kinds of cheese, especially processed cheese like the American Cheese used at Subway will absorb moisture and become soggy and gluey.

If you place a sandwich in the fridge that contains high-moisture ingredients like condiments, pickles, onions, tomatoes, and even deli meat there is a chance of your cheese getting melty.

Is Subway Cheese Vegetarian Friendly

The majority of the cheeses at Subway are vegetarian-friendly except for the Parmesan cheese which contains rennet derived from animals.

What Are The Best Vegetarian Options At Subway

Is Subway Cheese Pasteurized

All of the cheeses offered at Subway are made with pasteurized milk.

Can You Buy Subway Cheese

You cannot buy a large brick of cheese from Subway but, you may be able to purchase a small amount.

The availability of purchasing cheese only at Subway may vary per location and its management.

Where Can I Buy Subway Cheese

Many of the cheeses uses at Subways come from the Denmark Brand and Belgioioso.

Some other brands that may be similar are Kraft, Land O Lakes, and Boars Head.

I would visit the deli section of your local grocery store and taste-test a couple of brands to find the ones you enjoy the most.

Why Does Subway Not Have Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese is sometimes offered at Subway locations as a promotional item but, is often not a permanent cheese that is available.

The option of Swiss cheese is ultimately up to the franchise owner.

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Final Thoughts

I am a cheese lover so cheese to me can make or break a dish especially and sandwich like the ones at Subway.

If you like cheese you should test out using a spicy pepper jack in place o a Classic American or a melty fresh Mozzarella on toasted subs.

Subway doesn’t skimp on the cheese options which can make all of us cheese lovers rejoice, you can even request extra cheese if you so desire.

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