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Vegan Guide

How To Go Vegan: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

If you’re considering going vegan, you’re not alone. More and more people are making the switch to a plant-based diet for a variety of reasons, including health benefits, environmental concerns, and animal welfare. While it may seem daunting at first, going vegan is easier than you might think. With a […]

Does Kelloggs Have An Vegan Cereals

Are Any Kellogg’s Cereals Vegan

Kellogg’s makes some popular breakfast cereals like Raisin Bran and Frosted Flakes but, does Kellogg’s have any vegan cereals? Does Kelloggs Have Any Vegan Cereals Kelogg’s offers some vegan-friendly breakfast cereals. You do need to be cautious because some of the ingredients listed on the vegan-friendly cereals may be different […]

General Mills Cereals

Are Any General Mills Cereals Vegan (6 Flavors)

General Mills is behind classic breakfast cereals like Cheerios and Wheaties but, does General Mills make any vegan cereals? Does General Mills Have Any Vegan Cereals General Mills offers a small selection of vegan-friendly cereals. Vegan Cascadian Farms Cereals The Cascadian Farms Brand has been owned by General Mills since […]

Are any post cereals vegan

Are Any Post Cereals Vegan

Post makes some popular cereals like Golden Crisp and Fruity Pebbles but, are any of Post Cereals vegan? Does Post Have Any Vegan Cereals Coco Wheats Coco Wheats is a chocolate-flavored warm breakfast cereal that is made by post. As long as you are okay with consuming products that contain […]

Best Vegan Cereals

Best Vegan Cereals (22 Favorite Cereals)

If you are looking for only the very best vegan-friendly cereals you have come to the right spot. I’m sharing the top tried and true vegan-friendly breakfast cereals. Best Classic Vegan Cereals 365 Brand Morning O’s The 365 Brand Morning O’s that are found at Whole Foods are the perfect […]

Vegan Cereal Shopping

How To Shop For Vegan Cereals (11 Vegan Brands)

Navigating the entire cereal aisle and searching for a vegan-friendly cereal is a monumental task. This article is your guide to making cereal shopping a breeze. I’m sharing what to look out for and what brands and flavors of cereal are the most vegan-friendly. Are All Breakfast Cereals Vegan The […]

vegan cereal guide

Vegan Cereal Guide

Breakfast cereal is a favorite way for many to start their day but, as a vegan, it can often be challenging. There are oftentimes hidden non-vegan ingredients in your favorite cereals as well as some that are debatable. Luckily, more brands are making an effort to provide customers with delicious […]