will a vegetarian get sick if they have chicken broth

Will Chicken Broth Make A Vegetarian Sick (Quick Facts)

Chicken Broth is a staple ingredient included in many dishes but, will a vegetarian get sick if they eat chicken broth?

Most vegetarians will not consume chicken broth for many reasons and some may actually get sick if they consume chicken broth. There are many factors that determine if a vegetarian will get sick from chicken broth including how long they have been a vegetarian.

Can A Vegetarian Eat Chicken Broth

Most vegetarians will not consume chicken broth because it is made by boiling a chicken carcass in water and straining away the bones, ligaments, and meat in order to provide a chicken-flavored broth.

Although the broth does not actually contain meat pieces it is still not a vegetarian-friendly food.

You may come across some people that consider themselves vegetarians because they do not consume animal flesh but, still consume animal-based broths.

These people fall into the minority and not the majority of vegetarians that would not consume chicken broth.

When Chicken Broth Make A Vegetarian Sick

Consuming chicken broth as a vegetarian may or may not make you sick depending on many factors.

  • How long you have been a vegetarian
  • Your individual microbiome
  • If you are aware or not that you consumed chicken broth
  • The amount of broth you have consumed
  • If you have a food allergy to meat
  • If the broth does or doesn’t contain bacteria

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Will Chicken Broth Make You Poop

Chicken broth or any bone broth has been shown to improve your digestive system whether you are constipated and need to poop or if you are on the opposite side with diarrhea.

Regardless, if you are a vegetarian or vegan you are at higher risk of unpleasant digestive symptoms like stomach cramps and diarrhea from consuming chicken broth.

Can Vegetarians Eat Chicken Stock Cubes

Vegetarians can eat chicken stock cubes that are not made from animal products.

There are chicken stock cubes that are made from animal sources and those that are plant-based.

You need to look closely at the package to see exactly what you are getting.

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Can You Use Chicken Broth In A Meal For A Vegetarian

You should not make a meal that is intended for a vegetarian to consume that includes chicken broth.

You should check with your vegetarian guest ahead of time or assume that chicken broth is off-limits.

Instead, you can use vegetarian-based bullion or vegetarian chicken stock cube.

Another option would also be vegetable broth or stock.

Will A Vegetarian Eat Soup With Chicken Broth

The majority of vegetarians will not eat soup that contains chicken broth.

Can A Vegetarian Drink Chicken Broth

The majority of vegetarians would not drink chicken broth since it is an animal-derived product.

Can You Eat Chicken Broth On A Plant-Based Diet

Those that follow a plant-based diet are not necessarily vegetarians or vegans.

Many people on a plant-based diet eat a diet that is rich in plant-based foods like vegetables, fruit, and legumes.

That said, many plant-based diets include a small number of animal products like meat, eggs, dairy, and meat-based broths like chicken.

does chicken broth make vegetarians sick

Is There Meat In Chicken Broth

Most chicken broths no longer contain meat even if there was meat used in the process of making the chicken broth.

All of the solid pieces are strained off and discarded or used for other purposes.

Is Chicken Broth Considered Eating Meat

This is very subjective, some people may consider consuming a broth like chicken broth as a different food item even though it is a by-product of animal consumption.

Others consider consuming any animal product the same as eating solid meat.

In my opinion as a vegetarian, consuming chicken broth is the same as consuming meat.

What Can Vegetarians Use Instead Of Chicken Broth

There are many vegetarian-based products that can be used instead of chicken broth in your favorite recipes.

The best option will depend on your specific recipe.

  • Vegetable Broth
  • Vegetable Stock
  • Vegetable Boullion
  • Meat-Free Chicken Stock Cubes
  • Meat-Free Chicken Boullion
  • Water
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Oils
  • Butter

Final Thoughts

Looking back, I can remember times when I discovered that food I have been consuming for years actually contains chicken broth (I’m looking at you Broccoli & Cheddar Soup from Panera).

We can’t always assume that food doesn’t contain a hidden ingredient like chicken broth.

Luckily, most vegetarians won’t get sick if they consume a little chicken broth from time to time but, it’s up to you to decide if a little chicken broth is ok or not.

Those that are not vegetarians and that are preparing food for a vegetarian may also not realize that chicken broth is not vegetarian-friendly.

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