About Sara

Hello! Welcome to my little spot on the internet. I’m Sara and I live in Sunny Florida. Although I call Florida home now I am orginally from the State of Maine. I always dreamed of living in a warm tropical climate. I live with my husband, flo-grown children, Star Wars cats Hans and Luke and two spolied pomeranians Murphy and Willow.

The Backstory

Through the years I’ve discovered how expensive it can be trying to eat healthier better quality ingredients. You hear people say over and over that it is too expensive to eat healthy. As true as that is, I also know we can eat delicous healthy food on a budget. Knowing this challenge exists for many I knew I had to share. I’ve always had a love for cooking and creating my own recipes. As as number loving accounting major, I enjoy number crunching and finding the best value. Sara’s Veggie Kitchen was born from my passion for sharing easy, delicous, budget-friendly vegetarian food.


I’ve been a Vegetarian for over ten years. This has looked very different through the years. It was a gradual shift and continues to be an ever changing journey. Regardless of your diet or journey this is a no judgement zone. There is a place for everyone here.

What you will find…

Twice a week I share new recipes, meal plans or money saving tips. Each blog post will be accompanied by a YouTube video on my YouTube channel. My recipes are vegetarian but, are easily adaptable. You’ll find delicous healthy food and food that’s just delicous. It’s all part of a balanced life. You wont find expensive ingredients that you will only use once or lengthly time-consuming recipes. Every recipe and meal plan is based on keeping life easy, delicous and budget-friendly.