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Cranberry Sauce Recipe
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Easy Homemade Cranberry Sauce- A Deliciously Simple Sauce

The first time I ever made homemade cranberry sauce I was surprised by how easy it was. It’s one of those dishes that looks harder than it is. There are a few different camps when it comes to cranberry sauce. The jellied canned cranberry sauce, canned whole sauce, and homemade. I actually like the jellied […]

Vegetarian Pot Pie
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Vegetarian Pot Pie – A Comfort Food Classic Filled With Veggies

Pot Pie is one of those childhood comfort food favorites. The combination of a buttery and flaky pie crust with a creamy gravy filled filling is hard to beat. This vegetarian pot pie recipe checks all of those boxes. As a vegetarian, you don’t have to miss out on some of your favorite meat-centric dishes […]

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Vegetarian Enchiladas – Loaded with Veggies and Black Beans

This is a veggie-loaded comfort food classic with tex-mex flavors. I love recipes that I can load up with veggies. Add a golden layer of melted cheese on the top and everyone is happy. That’s exactly what these Vegetarian Enchiladas are. My black bean and veggie enchiladas are very flexible. My recipe lists our favorite […]