Subway Restaurant Guide

Subway Restaurant Guide

This is your ultimate guide to Subway sandwiches.

Subway has humble beginnings that began in 1965 by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck, who opened their first sandwich shop in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Since then the sandwich empire has grown to over 44,000 locations in more than 100 countries, making it one of the largest restaurant chains in the world.

Subway continues to innovate and expand its menu, with new offerings like breakfast sandwiches, plant-based options, and delivery services

In this guide, I will break down all of my articles and guides with easy links to more information.

Subway Restaurant Guides

My Subway guides are a great place to start if you are interested in a particular area of Subway products.

Subway Sauce Guide

Subway Bread Guide

Subway Breakfast Guide

Subway Cookies

Subway Wrap Sandwiches

Subway Salads

Vegan Options At Subway

Vegetarian Options At Subway

Subway Breakfast Hours

Subway Menus

Subway Menu

Subway Menu Prices

Subway Breakfast Menu

Subway Meats

Can You Get Extra Meat At Subway

Subway now offers the Footlong Pro which includes double meat and cheese.

Do Subway Meats Contain Nitrates

The majority of the cold cuts found at Subway do contain nitrates.

The only nitrate-free cold cuts available at Subway are Turkey and Chicken Breast.

Subway Toppings

Where Does Subway Get Its Banana Peppers

It’s not known what brand of Banana Peppers are available at Subway but, most grocery stores will sell very similar pickled banana peppers in a salty brine in the pickle section of the store.

Where Does Subway Get Their Olives From

The brand of olives used at Subway is unknown but, they are sliced black Spanish olives.

You should be able to find similar olives at your local grocery store in a can located in the pickle section.

Why Does Subway Not Have Mushrooms

Subway does not have mushrooms due to concerns with their texture.

Mushrooms can easily dry out and are usually best when sauteed, Subway does not want to add a saute station to their sub line.

Where Does Subway Get Its Pickles

The pickles at Subway and many other fast food restaurants are provided by The Hausbeck Pickle Company.

You can find similar options at your local grocery store.

How Does Subway Keep Their Avocado Green

The avocado at Subway is mashed with Vitamin C which helps keep it green.

Where Does Subway Get Its Vegetables

Subway purchases their vegetables from a wholesaler within their city which sources the vegetables from all over the world.

Subway Sauces

Can You Get Subway Sauces On The Side

If you would prefer to add your sauce to your sub sandwich at a later time you can ask for your Subway sauce to be on the side allowing you the freedom to add your own sauce.

Subway Beverages

Are Subway Drinks Refillable

As long as you are in the restaurant and have not left the building and returned you can refill your drink at Subway.

Saving Your Subway For Later

Can You Reheat Subway In The Microwave

You can reheat your Subway sandwich in the microwave but, depending on what is included in your sandwich you may have mixed results.

Some vegetables like lettuce do not do well in the microwave.

If possible remove any of the concerning ingredients before microwaving.

Can Subway Paper be Microwaved

Technically you can microwave the paper that your Subway sub is wrapped in but, It’s best to remove the paper wrapper from your Subway sandwich when you reheat it in the microwave.

The paper does have a non-toxic wax coating on it that could end up on your food.

Can Subway Be Eaten Cold

Subway sandwiches can be eaten cold. The quality, flavor, and texture will depend on what type of sandwich you have and how cold it is.

How Long Does Subway Last In The Fridge

Subway is best eaten immediately due to the variety of ingredients that can be on a sandwich.

Some sandwiches can last up to a couple of days in the fridge.

Can You Freeze Subway Sandwiches

I would not suggest freezing Subway sandwiches since the quality and textures will be extremely compromised.

How Long Can Subway Sandwiches Last Unrefrigerated

It’s best for an unrefrigerated sub sandwich to be consumed within an hour.

Your sandwich may even start to spoil sooner depending on the conditions that you are in.

If it’s 90 degrees outside and your sandwich contains mayo I would make sure you eat it right away.

Mayonasie can start to go bad within an hour in hot conditions.

Vegan At Subway

Vegetarian At Subway

How Healthy Is Subway

Is Subway Good After A Workout

Subeay can be good after a workout as long as you are making healthy choices for your body and goals.

Balancing calories, fat, sugar, and sodium as well as loading up on high-quality veggies.

Skip the potato chips and choose water for your beverage.

Subway Cookies

How Does Subway Taste

Does Subway Taste The Same

In my opinion, Subway never tastes exactly the same depending on how fresh the bread is and how the employee applies the ingredients.

Although, your Sub may not be identical every time it will be very similar.

Are Subway Sandwiches Getting Smaller

Although it may seem like Subway sandwiches are getting smaller they are not.

It is possible for the size of the bread to be inconsistent and for you to get a smaller sandwich from time to time.

Each employee will also make your sandwich differently.

Why Does Subway Make Me Feel Sick

Why Does Subway Make Me Poop

It can depend, obviously, any consumption of food will eventually make a human poop but, if you are suddenly running to the bathroom after consuming Subway you may be having a reaction to something in your food.

It could be many things including gluten or dairy sensitivity.

If you notice this regularly it’s best to speak with your doctor.

Does Subway Make You Gassy

Many foods can make you gassy including some of the food available at Subway.

There are lots of people that are sensitive to lactose and dairy products which can cause them to feel gassy.

Carbonated soda also contributes to gas.


Can Subway Wrappers Be Composted

Subway wrappers can not be composted, it will take years for the wrappers to fully breakdown.

How Hot Do Subway Ovens Get

Subway ovens toast their sandwiches at 350 degrees.

What Does Subway Do With Leftover Bread

It will depend on the location, the bread from the day before is used early the next day until a new batch of bread comes out of the oven.

At that point, the day-old bread is either thrown away or donated to charities.