Is Subway Better Toasted

Is Subway Better Toasted (Quick Facts)

When placing your sub sandwich order at Subway you will face the inevitable question “do you want your sandwich toasted or not toasted?”. Is Subway better toasted?

Some Subway sandwiches are created as toasted subs like a classic Steak & Cheese or Meatball Marinara. Other favorites like Ham & Cheese can be delicious both cold or toasted. Some sandwiches that contain ingredients like guacamole are not ideal for toasting.

Are Subway Sandwiched Better Toasted

Many of the sub sandwiches at Subway are better toasted with others being delicious toasted or not.

Some Subway sandwiches like the Meatball Marinara were developed as a toasted sub sandwich and wouldn’t be nearly as good if it wasn’t toasted.

Others like the Veggie Delite or Tuna are great toasted or untoasted making it a personal preference.

What Subway Sandwiches Are Better Toasted

Like the Meatball Marinara, there are some sub sandwiches at SUbway that are better toasted.

  • Meatball Marinara
  • Steak & Cheese
  • Buffalo Chicken

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What Subway Sandwiches Are Great Toasted And Cold

Some of the sub sandwiches at Subway are delicious both toasted and cold.

  • Ham & Cheese
  • Black Forest Ham
  • Chicken & Bacon Ranch
  • Italian BMT
  • Oven Roasted Turkey
  • Spicey Italian
  • Tuna
  • Veggie Delight
  • BLT
  • Cold Cut Combo
  • Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham
  • Rotisserie Style Chicken
  • Roast Beef
  • Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
  • Veggie Patty
  • Supreme Meats
  • Bella Mozza
  • The Boss
  • The Philly
  • The Outlaw
  • The Monster
  • The Great Garlic
  • The Champ
  • All American Club
  • The Subway Club

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What Subway Sandwiches Shouldn’t Be Toasted

Although you can toast any sub at Subway there are some that some people may feel differently about due to containing ingredients like guacamole, tuna, and cold fresh vegetables.

  • The Mexicali
  • Turkey Cali Club
  • Tuna
  • Veggie Delight

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Should I Toast My Tuna Sandwich At Subway

The classic tuna sandwich or tuna melt are both delicious but, many people do not enjoy their tuna salad warm in a melted state.

It is completely determined by your preference whether you should have your tuna sandwich toasted or not.

Is Subway Better Toasted

Should I Toast My Veggie Delite Sandwich At Subway

Many people will prefer never to have their cold Veggie Delight sandwich toasted but, it is delicious both cold and toasted.

You may be surprised how much you enjoy a toasted veggie sub.

Can Subway Wraps Be Toasted

The wraps at Subway are not meant to be toasted.

When toasted the wraps themselves often become bubbly, once they start to cool down they also become very hard.

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What Does Toasted Mean At Subway

When a sub sandwich at Subway is toasted the sandwich is placed into an oven that heats the sandwich.

The sandwich develops a warm and crispy texture with melty cheese instead of being soggy if you were to just put it in the microwave to heat it.

How Does Subway Toast Their Subs

Subway has a speed oven that heats up to 400-500 degrees.

The hot air comes from all directions making sub sandwiches nice and toasty within moments.

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Does Subway Still Toast Their Sandwiches

Subway still offers the option for you to have any of their sub sandwiches toasted.

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Final Thoughts

Some sandwiches at Subway were destined to be toasted whereas other can be perfect cold or toasted.

Toasting your sub sandwich changes the texture of your bread and toppings as well as melting the cheese.

If you want to mix things up I suggest toasting your favorite sub the next time you visit Subway.

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