What is the correct way to order at subway

What Is The Correct Way To Order At Subway (Explained)

Subway is a fast-paced made or order restaurant where you need to know exactly what you want but, is there a correct way to order a Subway sub?

There is a correct way to place your sandwich order at Subway that includes a simple or of steps starting with your sandwich size, bread selection, and type of sandwich desired.

How Should I Order My Sandwich At Subway

The line at Subway is long and the employees are busy, how should you order your sandwich to make it faster and easier for both you and the Subway employees?

Here are simple steps or specific order for ordering a Subway sandwich that can speed up the process.

  1. Indicate the size of the sandwich and the type of bread
  2. Type of sandwich
  3. What cheese you would like
  4. Do you want your sandwich toasted or not
  5. Select your vegetables starting with lettuce
  6. Order your sauce or condiments
  7. Request salt, pepper, oregano
  8. Specify any special cutting or wrapping requests

Indicate What Size Subway Sandwich You Want

Subway offers two sizes of sandwiches the 6″ Sub and the footlong.

In addition to the two sizes, Subway offers a large selection of fresh bread.

Let the Subway employee know how many subs you are ordering and what sizes they will be and what bread they will be on at the very beginning of your order.

What Type Of Subway Sandwich Do You Want

The next thing would be to let the Subway employee know what type of sandwiches you are ordering.

I would provide the name of the sub at this point and leave the topping details to further down the ordering process.

Subway offers a large selection of meats, you can read a quick list in this article I wrote about Subway Meats.

What Cheese Would You Like On Your Sandwich

One of the first ingredients that will be placed on your sandwich is the cheese, with a nice selection of cheeses it’s important to let the Subway employees know at this point in the ordering process.

You can see a quick list of all the varieties of cheese offered at Subway in this article that I wrote about Subways Cheeses.

Do You Want Your Subways Sandwich Toasted

This is the time to let the Subway employee know if your sandwich will be toasted or not.

What Vegetables Do You Want

A long list of vegetables can get confusing for someone to remember.

It’s best to wait until they are about to put the vegetables on your sandwich before letting them know what you would like.

Start with your lettuce or spinach and then request the tomatoes and cucumbers if desired.

The remaining vegetables can be added on top of those.

Sauces And Condiments

At the very end, you can request the sauces, condiments, and seasonings that you would like.

If you would like to know more about Subways Sauces you can read an article that I wrote about the Best Combination Of Subways Sauces.

Special Wrapping And Cutting

If you would like your sandwich cut or wrapped in a specific way wait until just before they are about to cut and wrap your sandwich before giving your request.

what is the correct way to order at subway

Is There A Wrong Way To Order A Subway Sandwich

We won’t judge what you want on your sandwich but, there are wrong ways of placing your order at Subway.

Some wrong ways of placing your Subway sandwich order include.

  • Getting ahead of the ordering process and listing everything you want at the start
  • Not placing your order for every sandwich at the beginning
  • Forgetting an ingredient and going backward in the ordering process
  • Changing your mind after an ingredient is on your sandwich
  • Not knowing what you want when it’s your turn

What Are The Names Of Subways Sauces

How Should I Order Multiple Sandwiches At Subway

You should always place your order for multiple sandwiches at the very beginning.

Let the Subway employees know how many sandwiches you are ordering, the sizes and what type of bread you would like.

When Should I Add Chips And Drinks To My Subway Order

Wait until your sandwiches are made and you are paying for your order to add on any chips or drinks you would like.

When Should I Order Cookies At Subway

You should wait until you are finishing your order before adding cookies to the order, you can add them when you are paying.

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Final Thoughts

Subway is a quick and easy meal at any time of the day.

You can easily speed up and simplify the ordering process by placing your order correctly.

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