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Are Multi-Grain Cheerios Vegan

Are Multi-Grain Cheerios Vegan (Quick Facts & Alternatives)

Multi-Grain Cheerios are the slightly healthier version of the classic cereal but, are Multi-Grain Cheerios vegan? Can Vegans Eat Multi-Grain Cheerios Many vegans will still eat Multi-Grain Cheerios but, strict vegans will not since it does contain a couple of questionable ingredients. Why Wouldn’t Multi-Grain Cheerios Be Vegan Multi-Grain Cheerios […]

Are Cheerios Vegan

Are Cheerios Vegan (Quick Facts & Alternatives)

The classic Cheerios that come in the yellow box are one of the most popular breakfast cereals but, are Cheerios vegan? Can Vegans Eat Cheerios Many vegans will consider Cheerios a vegan cereal whereas others will not, Cheerios contains a couple of ingredients that are often avoided by strict vegans. […]

Are Rice Krispies Vegan

Are Rice Krispies Vegan (Quick Facts & Alternatives)

Rice Krispies are known for that perfect snap, crackle, and pop but, are Rice Krispies vegan? Can Vegans Eat Rice Krispies Many vegans will still eat Rice Krispies but, they do contain some ingredients that the strictest of vegans will avoid. Why Wouldn’t Rice Krispies Be Vegan Rice Krispies contain […]

Is Lucky Charms Vegan

Are Lucky Charms Vegan (Quick Facts & Alternatives)

They are “Magically Delicious” so they say but, are Lucky Charms vegan? Can Vegans Eat Lucky Charms Unfortunately, vegans can not eat Lucky Charms cereal since it contains gelatin in addition to other ingredients that many strict vegans avoid. Why Wouldn’t Lucky Charms Be Vegan Lucky Charms Cereal contains the […]

Is Trix Vegan

Is Trix Cereal Vegan (Quick Facts & Alternatives)

Trix Cereal has been serving up it’s fruity flavored cereal since 1959 but, is Trix vegan? Can Vegans Eat Trix Cereal Some vegans may consider Trix vegan but, many will avoid Trix due to containing many ingredients that are concerning. Why Wouldn’t Trix Be Vegan Trix Cereal contains a variety […]

Is Kix vegan

Is Kix Cereal Vegan (Quick Facts & Alternatives)

Kix Cereal has been around since the 1930s with its delicious bite-sized corn puffs but, is Kix Cereal vegan? Can Vegans Eat Kix Cereal Many vegans will be ok with eating regular or Berry Berry Kix but, those that follow a very strict vegan lifestyle will not. Most vegans are […]

Is Total Cereal Vegan

Is Total Cereal Vegan (Quick Facts & Alternatives)

Total Ceral is a classic cereal made of delicious flakes but, is Total vegan? Can Vegans Eat Total Cereal Unfortunately, vegans can not eat Total Cereal since it contains non-vegan ingredients. Why Wouldn’t Total Cereal Be Vegan Total Cereal contains a few ingredients that are often not considered as being […]