Is It Vegan Or Vegetarian

Is Uncle Ben's Rice Vegan

Is Uncle Bens Rice Vegan (Quick Facts)

Uncle Ben’s Rice is a classic that has expanded to offer its customers a wide variety of rice dishes but, is Uncle Ben’s Rice vegan? Many Uncle Ben’s Rice products are safe for vegans to enjoy like the classic white and brown rice in addition to fan favorites like Spanish […]

Are Combos Vegan

Are Combos Vegan (Quick Facts)

Combos are a classic snack that is a combination of crackers or pretzels with a creamy and often cheesy filling but, are any Combos snacks vegan? Combos-filled snack crackers are not vegan due to containing numerous non-vegan ingredients that are sourced from animals. In addition to the obvious non-vegan ingredients, […]

Are 3 Musketeers Vegan

Are Three Musketeers Vegan (Quick Facts)

3 Musketeers Bars are a favorite of many with a classic fluffy chocolate center but, are 3 Musketers safe for vegans to enjoy? Chocolatey 3 Musketeers bars are not vegan-friendly since they contain numerous ingredients that are avoided by vegans. In addition to the obvious ingredients like skim milk you […]

Are Hot Pockets Vegan

Are Hot Pockets Vegan (Quick Facts)

Hot Pockets are a freezer staple for many providing a warm quick snack or meal in moments but, are Hot Pockets Vegan? Classic Hot Pockets contain many non-vegan ingredients like meat, animal-based broth, and other animal-sourced products making them not a vegan-friendly food. Luckily, there are some delicious vegan alternatives […]

Are Dill Pickles Vegan

Are Dill Pickles Vegan (Quick Facts)

Dill Pickles are a favorite of many whether they are used as condiments are enjoyed as a snack all by themselves but, are dill pickles safe for vegans? Pickles appear vegan from an untrained eye but, there are questionable ingredients hiding in many popular mass manufactured pickle brands. Some food […]

Is Dim Sum Vegan

Is Dim Sum Vegan Or Vegetarian (Explained)

Dim Sum is a fun way to enjoy a meal with friends or family but, is dim sum vegan or vegetarian-friendly? When you order Dim Sum you are presented with a plethora of small dishes and bites to enjoy. Unfortunately, depending on the restaurant you are at the majority of […]