Vegetarian Questions

Why can't vegetarians eat gelatin

Can Vegetarians Eat Gelatin (Explained)

Gelatin is used in many food products often hidden where you least expect it but, does gelatin come from animals and can vegetarians eat gelatin? Gelatin is a by-product of the meat industry that is made with the bones, ligaments, tendons, and skin of cows, pigs, and sometimes fish. You […]

Can vegetarians smell meat eaters

Can Vegetarians Smell Meat Eaters (Quick Facts)

We all give off odors especially when we sweat but, can vegetarians smell meat-eaters? Vegetarians are often off-put by the smell of meat-eaters whether it’s their breath after eating meat, their body odor, or just the thought that the meat-eater smells. Studies have shown that women find the body odor […]

do vegetarians miss meat

Do Vegetarians Miss Meat (Quick Facts)

Many vegetarians used to be meat-eaters, after becoming a vegetarian do you miss eating meat? From time to time many vegetarians miss eating meat or miss the memories that were made while eating traditional meat-filled meals. The longer you are a vegetarian the less likely you are to miss eating […]

Is Your Super Legit

Is Your Super Legit (Quick Facts)

Your Super is a superfood powder company that ships customer blended power directly to your house but, is Your Super legit? Your Super is a legit company that is passionate about the products they create and the impact that they have on others. Sourcing only high-quality ingredients directly from the […]

Are Vegetarians Taller Than Meat Eaters

Are Vegetarians Taller Than Meat Eaters (Quick Facts)

Does being a vegetarian affect how tall you are? Are vegetarians taller or shorted than meat-eaters? 60-80% of a person’s height is influenced by genetics with the remaining 20-40% being influenced by the environment, health, and lifestyle of the person. Does being a vegetarian affect how tall you can be? […]

why are vegetarians always cold

Why Are Vegetarians Always Cold (Quick Facts)

Are you a vegetarian that is always cold like I am? You may want to know why are vegetarians always cold? Do Vegetarians Feel The Cold More Vegetarians and vegans often get chilled and feel cold wondering if it’s their diets making them cold. In many cases, vegetarians do feel […]

ca a vegetarian kiss a non-vegetarian

Can A Vegetarian Kiss A Non-Vegetarian (Quick Facts)

Kissing is a big part of any romantic relationship but, what happens when one partner is a vegetarian or vegan and the other is a meat-eater? Can a vegetarian kiss a non-vegetarian? Can Vegetarians Kiss Meat Eaters The majority of vegetarians will happily kiss their meat-eating partners without there ever […]

Can a non vegetarian be an animal lover

Can A Non-Vegetarian Be An Animal Lover

You love animals but, you eat meat. Can non-vegetarians really call themselves animal lovers? Being an animal lover and a non-vegetarian can be confusing to some and provoke a lot of questions and personal reflection. Can those who love animals also eat them? Can Non-Vegetarians Be Animal Lovers Non-Vegetarians can […]

how long do vegetarian sausages last

How Long Do Vegetarian Sausages Last (Quick Facts)

Vegetarian sausages can become a staple in your menu especially, in the summertime during grilling season but, how long do vegetarian sausages last? How Long Do Plant-Based Sausages Last The majority of vegetarian sausages are good for up to seven days when the package is completely thawed and unopened and […]