why are vegetarians always cold

Why Are Vegetarians Always Cold (Quick Facts)

Are you a vegetarian that is always cold like I am? You may want to know why are vegetarians always cold?

Do Vegetarians Feel The Cold More

Vegetarians and vegans often get chilled and feel cold wondering if it’s their diets making them cold.

In many cases, vegetarians do feel cold more often than non-vegetarians due to many dietary, lifestyle, and health reasons.

Do Vegetarians Feel The Cold Easier

Vegetarians don’t necessarily feel the cold easier but, often notice they are cold compared to others that aren’t cold.

Are Vegetarians More Likely To Be Cold

Vegetarians and vegans are more likely to be cold compared to meat-eaters for a variety of reasons ranging from vitamin and mineral deficiencies to body fat percentages.

Do Vegetarians Have Lower Body Temperatures

Some vegetarians will have lower body temperatures when compared to their meat-eating friends but being a vegetarian is not the cause of your lowered body temperature.

Do Vegetarians Have Bad Circulation Making Them Cold

Being vegetarian will not make you have bad circulation.

There are many other health and medical factors that play are role in circulation like being overweight or diabetic.

Are Women More Likely To Feel Cold

Studies have discovered that women are often more cold than men.

If you are a vegetarian woman you are more likely than not to feel colder than your meat-eating male friends.

are vegetarians always cold

Reason Why Vegetarians May Feel Cold

  • Anemia
  • Lower Body Weight
  • Lack Of Sunshine
  • Low Protein Intake
  • Zinc Deficiency
  • Low B-12
  • Thyroid Issues
  • Not Enough Sleep
  • Dehydration
  • Low Fat Consumption

Anemia Can Make You Feel Cold

Vegetarians are more vulnerable to developing anemia which is low iron in the blood.

Those with anemia can feel cold, weak, tired, and dizzy.

Less Body Fat Can Make You Feel Cold

Not every vegetarian has low body fat but, in most cases, those that have less body fat than others are more likely to feel cold.

Lack Of Sunshine Can Make You Cold

Not getting enough sunshine or natural vitamin D can make you feel colder.

The natural vitamin D helps stimulate your metabolism and keeps your body warmer.

Lower Protein Intake

Vegetarians often consume less protein than meat-eaters.

Studies have shown the connection between lower protein consumption and a persons Resting Metabolic Rate.

Those that consume less protein often have lower Resting Metabolic Rates which also contributes to someone’s body temperature

A Zinc Deficiency Can Contribute To A Lower Body Temperature

Zinc deficiencies can be common in people who consume a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Besides feeling colder a deficiency can also cause hair loss, acne, depression, and make it more difficult to fight off infections.

It’s important to check with your doctor if you are concerned about your since levels.

Low B-12 Can Cause Vegetarians To Feel Cold

Many people often have low B-12 levels, especially vegetarians and vegans.

Low B-12 can also contribute to anemia which has been known to make people feel colder.

Thyroid Issues May Cause You To Feel Cold

Being a vegetarian or vegan doesn’t necessarily cause thyroid issues but, if you happen to have thyroid problems feeling cold all of the time is one of the symptoms.

Not Enough Sleep Can Make Vegetarians Cold

If you are not getting enough sleep your metabolism will slow down and contribute to having a lower body temperature and feeling cold.

Dehydration Can Make Vegetarians Feel Cold

If you are not drinking enough water, you may feel cold.

In addition to helping your blood circulate, water in your body holds in the heat helping you keep warm.

Low Fat Consumption Can Make Vegetarians Feel Cold

If your diet is very low in fat, it may be making you feel colder.

Fat helps keep our bodies warm. In the winter we crave hearty meals to warm us up and in the summer we crave foods like cool watermelon to help cool us down.

How Can I Not Be Cold At A Vegetarian

Being cold is never any fun and is uncomfortable.

Here are some tips to avoid and help prevent feeling cold.

  • Make sure your health is in good shape by visiting your doctor
  • Excercise (it gets your blood pumping and heats you up)
  • Drink warm beverages like tea
  • Eat warm and soothing foods like soup
  • Eat spicy food
  • Wear your clothing in layers
  • Have extra throw blankets around

Final Thoughts

Vegetarians may feel like they are cold more often compared to their meat-eating family and friends and that may be true for a variety of reasons.

There are more vegetarian women compared to vegetarian men and women, in general, are colder than men.

Many vegetarians also have less body fat, when you have less body fat compared to someone else you are going to feel colder.

There are also a variety of health-related concerns both for vegetarians and some for anyone regardless of the dietary choices that can make you feel cold.

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