Can a non vegetarian be an animal lover

Can A Non-Vegetarian Be An Animal Lover

You love animals but, you eat meat. Can non-vegetarians really call themselves animal lovers?

Being an animal lover and a non-vegetarian can be confusing to some and provoke a lot of questions and personal reflection.

Can those who love animals also eat them?

Can Non-Vegetarians Be Animal Lovers

Non-Vegetarians can be animal lovers and enjoy caring for pets and the company of animals.

Is It Possible To Be An Animal Lover And Eat Meat

Many animal lovers still choose to consume meat even though they love animals.

Unless you take a deep dive into the treatment of animals meant for food and the practices at slaughterhouses it’s easy to not be bothered by consuming meat.

Meat is packaged in a pretty package at the grocery store and labeled as “meat” instead of “dead animal flesh”.

It’s the lifestyle of the majority of the population, it’s not their fault it’s just how it is.

It’s very easy to disconnect the truth behind what you are eating and how it got there.

How To Be A Vegetarian In A Family Of Meat Eaters

Is Loving Animals And Eating Meat Hypocritical

It’s not intentionally hypocritical to call yourself an animal lover and eat meat in most cases.

Again, it really comes down to how you grew up, your lifestyle, and what you think.

It doesn’t make anyone a bad person but, you could be an animal lover that feeds and takes in all of the stray animals in your neighborhood and then settles down to enjoy a steak dinner.

It’s just something to think about.

Is It Ok To Eat Meat In Front Of A Vegetarian

Is Being Non-Vegetarian Animal Cruelty

I would never say that someone who eats meat is committing animal cruelty.

A meat-eater often buys products that were produced by companies that are cruel to animals.

In most cases, the meat-eating consumer is unaware of the

Do Animal Lovers Feel Guilty If They Eat Meat

Some animal lovers feel guilty if they at meat and others don’t.

It depends on the person, it is extremely hard to change your lifestyle and habits.

If you grew up eating meat, it is all you know.

From personal experience, I struggled for years with the attempt to stop eating meat because it’s what I wanted to do.

It really took one life-changing moment to make a difference and it was still a transition for me over a couple of years.

What Do Vegetarians Think Of Meat Eaters?

is it possible to be an animal lover and eat meat

How Can You Be An Animal Lover And Still Eat Meat

If you are an animal lover that still wants or needs to consume meat, that is ok it’s your choice but, there are things you can do to support animals in a different way.

  • Buy only pastured raised and humane products (requires some homework but, it is worth it)
  • Make sure you are not purchasing products from companies that do not treat animals well
  • Donate time or funds to your local humane society
  • Donate time or funds to preserve wildlife and their habitats
  • Learn more about the treatment of animals before you make a choice to eat or not eat meat
  • Eat less meat overall

Do Vegetarians Get Sick If They Eat Meat?

Would Meat Eaters Be Able To Kill Their Own Food

This may be rough but, if you are a meat-eater could you kill your own food?

I’m not even saying that you need to hunt for it.

If someone brought you a cow that was chained and you had to kill it and process the meat, would you do it?

It’s something to think about.

Final Thoughts

This was a tough article to write.

I don’t want to judge others for their lifestyles but, I am also passionate about animals and how they are treated.

I do know that someone’s actions are not always based on their moral beliefs but, are just the way they were raised and have lived their lives.

I was there too when it comes to eating meat. I’ve always loved animals but, ate them into my 20’s.

For me, it never felt right and made me feel guilty and question what I was doing.

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