Can vegetarians smell meat eaters

Can Vegetarians Smell Meat Eaters (Quick Facts)

We all give off odors especially when we sweat but, can vegetarians smell meat-eaters?

Vegetarians are often off-put by the smell of meat-eaters whether it’s their breath after eating meat, their body odor, or just the thought that the meat-eater smells. Studies have shown that women find the body odor of meat-eaters less attractive and masculine.

Can A Vegetarian Smell That You Are A Meat Eater

There are certain foods that can give off odors when they have been consumed like asparagus, eggs, and curry powder.

These scents are distinct but, can a vegetarian smell a meat eater?

Vegetarians can smell meat eaters but it’s not like the scene out of the movie Hocus Pocus where the switched were wandering around chasing after the scent of children.

You won’t find a vegetarian walking into a room sniffing out meat-eaters.

Do Meat Eaters Have Bad Smelly Body Odor

There have been some studies that have shown that the body odor of meat-eaters is less attractive than the body odor of non-meat eaters.

In this small study, some participants were instructed to consume lots of meat and others were to not consume any at all.

At the end of the two-week meat feast, sweat samples were collected from all participants and handed off to thirty women to smell and rate how they felt about the smell.

To really determine if meat consumption was a factor the study was conducted again with the same participants switching the groups of meat-eaters and non-meaters.

The results showed that the women were least attracted to the body odor of the meat-eaters in each session.

Do Meat-Eaters Smell Worse Than Vegetarians

Everyone’s body composition and odor are very different but, the diet you eat does contribute to how you smell.

In many cases a meat-eater will smell worse than a vegetarian but, it varies from each person as well as the person who is smelling the meat-eater.

Why Do Vegetarians Have Bad Breath

Why Would A Meat Eater Smell Worse Than A Vegetarian

You are what you eat, right?

There is some logic to this, what comes out in your body wastes sweat, urine, feces, and other fluids is what your body can’t process as well as the nutrients we have consumed or are deficient in.

Meat is animal flesh and fat that is bound to be digested with some offputting rotten waste.

Do Vegetarians Just Think Meat Eaters Smell Worse

Vegetarians in some cases may feel like meat eaters smell worse because they have a dislike for meat-eaters and their lifestyle.

It’s possible for a vegetarian to truly not like the smell of a meat eater but, it is also possible that they just don’t like the person in that way because they eat meat.

Does A Vegetarians Poop Smell Better

Can Vegans Smell Meat Eaters

Just like some vegetarians that can smell if you are a meat-eater or are off-put by the body odors of meat-eaters, vegans can experience the same thing.

This doesn’t mean that vegans are more or less likely to smell meat-eaters.

can vegans smell meaters

Do Meat-Eaters Smell Worse Than Vegans

It varies from person to person as well as who and how the body odor is interested.

Studies have shown that people are more attracted to the body odor of non-meat eaters.

Do Vegetarians Miss Meat (Quick Facts)

Can Vegetarians And Vegans Smell If You Ate Meat

If you just ate meat, many people including vegetarians and vegans will be able to smell the meat on your breath if they get close enough.

Over time your body fluids adjust to what you are eating whether it’s meat or a lot of curries.

Your body odor also doesn’t stay exactly the same.

Regardless, if you are a heavy meat eater vegetarians and vegans may be able to tell by the way you smell.

Can Super Smellers Know If You Are A Meat Eater

Did you know being a super smeller is a thing?

It is, some people have a medical condition known as hyperosmia where they have a heightened sense of smell.

A super smeller is more likely to notice the differences between what they find a pleasant odor and those they don’t.

If a super smeller doesn’t like the scent of meat-eater they will be able to spot it easier than a non-super smeller.

Final Thoughts

Do you think you can smell if someone is a meat-eater or a vegetarian?

I don’t think I can, I can just tell the difference between an odor I enjoy and those I don’t but, I have average to below-average smelling ability.

My husband on the other hand may be a super-smeller (no joke), he can smell things that the majority of us can not.

He is always extremely sensitive to strong odors.

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