Vegetarian Questions

are goldfish crackers vegan

Are Goldfish Crackers Vegan Or Vegetarian (Quick Facts)

Goldfish crackers are a favorite of many both young and young at heart but, are this cute little smiling crackers vegan or vegetarian? The majority of Goldfish crackers are vegetarian friendly excluding those flavors that contain deyhrated marshmallows. Unfortunately, all of the current flavors of Goldfish crackers are not suitable […]

Is butter vegan

Can Vegans And Vegetarians Eat Butter (Quick Facts)

We all love creamy butter whether it’s on bread, pasta, or in our favorite baked goods but, can vegans and vegetarians eat butter? Vegans can not eat traditional butter since it is sourced from animals. Some vegetarians may still enjoy regular butter and some may not depending on their diet […]

Are HI-Chews Vegan

Are HI-Chews Vegan Or Vegetarian (Quick Facts)

Hi-Chews are an extremely popular chewy candy that originates from Japan that comes in a variety of fruit flavors but, are Hi-Chews vegan or vegetarian? Are Hi-Chews Vegan Hi-Chews candies are not vegan due to their containing a variety of ingredients that are sourced from animals. Are Hi-Chews Vegetarian Unfortunately, […]

Do vegetarian eggs taste different

Do Vegetarian Eggs Taste Different (Quick Facts)

We’ve all seen vegetarian eggs at the grocery store but, do they actually taste any different than regular eggs? Are vegetarian eggs better than regular eggs? Vegetarian eggs come from chickens that have been fed a completely vegetarian diet. Their diet is made from a variety of grains, fillers, and […]

Are Lay's BBQ Chips Vegetarian

Are Lay’s BBQ Chips Vegan Or Vegetarian (Quick Facts)

The classic Lay’s Barbeque flavor is one of the most popular flavors of Lay’s Potato Chips but, are they vegan or vegetarian? What about all of the many other variations of BBQ chips that Lay’s offers? The original Lay’s Barbeque chips are both vegan and vegetarian friendly excluding all animal-sourced […]

do vegetarians eat chicken

Can Vegetarians Eat Chicken (Explained)

You eat chicken, right? Can vegetarians eat chicken? For the most part, vegetarians will not eat the flesh of animals including chickens. You may find some that still consume chicken or that are not true vegetarians that consume more of a plant-based or flex diet that limits meat products. Do […]

Are Grapes Acidic

Are Grapes Acidic Or Alkaline (Quick Facts)

Grapes are delicious little fruits that have been enjoyed by humans for hundreds of years but, are grapes acidic or alkaline? Grapes are considered acidic with a wide variety of acid levels found in grape varieties and products that are made with grapes like red wine, white wine, grape juice, […]

Can vegetarians Eat Pizza

Can Vegetarians And Vegan Eat Pizza (Explained)

Piza is often a favorite food of the young and old. What’s not to like with a variety of delicious crusts, sauces, and toppings but, can vegetarians and vegans eat pizza? Pizza is often vegetarian but, it may not be depending on the ingredients used to make to cheeses used […]