Is Your Super Legit

Is Your Super Legit (Quick Facts)

Your Super is a superfood powder company that ships customer blended power directly to your house but, is Your Super legit?

Your Super is a legit company that is passionate about the products they create and the impact that they have on others. Sourcing only high-quality ingredients directly from the source and having a positive impact on others.

Is Your Super A Legit Company

When purchasing a product, especially one that your will be eating it’s important to know that the company and the product are both legit.

Your Super is a legit company that was founded by Micheal Kuech and Kristel De Groot who are passionate about healthy living and the effects that the foods we eat have on our bodies.

In this article, I discuss more about Your Super and prove why this company is legit.

How Do I Know That Your Super Is Legit

Trying to determine if a product is legit can be challenging.

Let’s look at a few key points when it comes to the company YourSuper and the products they sell.

What Is The Story Behind Your Super

The story behind Your Super is a unique story that is based upon life experience and passion.

Both founders were advanced athletes that played tennis at a professional level and were living the life until Micheal was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 24.

During his cancer journey, Micheal learned a lot about health, the immune system, and how superfoods can make a difference.

Kristel by his side loaded up the kitchen cabinet with superfood powders and the beginnings of YourSuper were formed.

What Is The Purpose Behind YourSuper

Of course, any business wants to make money or they wouldn’t be in business but, the basis of Your Super is about health, wellness, and recovery out of passion, not the main goal of making money.

Does Your Super Give Back

Not only are the founders behind Your Super passionate about healthy living they also care about others and corporate responsibility.

Your Super is a B Corp Certified Company that gives a life-saving food bar to Action Against Hunger every time a Your Super powder mix is sold.

Is Your Super Legit

Are Your Super Powders Legit

We have discussed how the founders and company operate with a basis of passion and legitimacy but, what about superfood powders themselves, are the powders sold by your super legit.

In order to determine if the superfood powders sold by Your Super are legit, we need to evaluate the quality of the product and where they come from.

Are Your Super Powders A Quality Product

All of the powders that go into the mixes at Your Super are 100% Organic and Non-GMO.

A product can not be labeled as 100% Organic unless it has gone through rigorous requirements set by the US Government to prove that the product is 100% Organic.

Your Super also states their products are free of artificial flavors, fillers, sweeteners, stevia, preservatives, and additives.

Is Your Super Transparent About Where They Get Their Powders

Your Super believes in being 100% transparent with where they source their powders from.

All of the powders sold by Your Super are directly scored by the company with a 100% transparent supply chain.

Your Super also makes sure to have a positive effect on the local communities where the ingredients are sourced.

On the Your Super website, you can discover where each powder is sourced and enjoy photos from sourcing trips done by Your Super.

Is Your Super An MLM

A MLM refers to a business that operates with a Multi-level Marketing program like AMway or MaryKAy where you can receive a commission of the sales from each sale completed by any of the people who signed up “below” you.

Your Super is not an MLM co

My Experience With Your Super

I would not write about a product unless I’ve had personal experience with the product and can back up what I am saying.

I’ve been using Your Super Powders in my morning smoothie every day for almost a year now and view it as one of the best things I do for my health and healthy lifestyle.

Never mind the fact that the powders are delicious.

Final Thoughts

Knowing that the products you are purchasing and consuming are legit and high quality is important.

Your Super is a top-notch company that I can proudly say is legit in the products and passion that they bring.