do vegetarians miss meat

Do Vegetarians Miss Meat (Quick Facts)

Many vegetarians used to be meat-eaters, after becoming a vegetarian do you miss eating meat?

From time to time many vegetarians miss eating meat or miss the memories that were made while eating traditional meat-filled meals. The longer you are a vegetarian the less likely you are to miss eating meat and if you have always been a vegetarian you most likely will never crave meat.

Do Vegetarians Ever Want to Eat Meat

There are plenty of vegetarians that have wanted to eat meat again.

The statistics show that 84% of vegetarians and vegans actually go back to eating meat.

Those that don’t ever eat meat again sometimes would like to eat again, usually when they are triggered by the smells of an old familiar favorite.

Those that don’t go back to eating meat usually feel strongly about their choice to be a vegetarian or vegan in addition to their meat-free diet being a good fit for their bodies and lifestyle.

Is It Normal For A Vegetarian To Miss Meat

It is completely normal for a vegetarian to miss meat especially if you grew up eating meat.

If you’ve never eaten meat that is an entirely different situation.

For example, If my husband and I smell a barbeque it makes us hungry and smells good, our brains naturally react to those familiar smells and triggers fond memories of the past.

Our daughter who has always been a vegetarian smelled a barbeque and asked us what that gross smell was.

If you don’t have the experience and familiar memories of eating meat you most likely will not miss it.

Do Vegetarians Get Used To Not Eating Meat

Vegetarians can get used to not eating meat, especially the longer that you are a vegetarian.

The first couple of years are the most challenging, everything about your new diet feels different than what you are used and you are confronted by that three times a day.

It can get exhausting and easy to break down and just eat what’s familiar.

As time goes on it becomes what’s normal and eating meat seems like a strange part of your past.

Do Vegetarians Miss Meat More Than Vegans

I wouldn’t say vegetarians miss meat more than vegans, it all depends on what your lifestyle was before becoming vegetarian or vegan.

Some other contributing factors include the reasons why you became vegetarian or vegan and your favorite foods.

do vegetarians crave meat

What Types Of Meat Do Vegetarians Miss The Most

Many vegetarians miss bacon the most, in addition to bacon a cheeseburger or steak comes next.

Bacon was the last meat product that my husband eliminated when transitioning to being vegetarian and to this day if he smells it tempts him.

I personally don’t miss meat anymore, I used to miss meatballs and burgers but, there are enough “faux meats” or veggie options that I would much prefer.

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Do Fake Meats Help Vegetarians Not Miss Meat

Fake meats are huge when it comes to vegetarians not missing meat.

The majority of missing meat comes down to the memories, textures, and flavors of eating those nostalgic foods.

Faux meats are a great option in those cases when you are craving something like a burger with french fries.

Back to the bacon, my husband feels like companies have perfected faux meats except when it comes to bacon.

Do Vegetarians Crave Meat

Sometime vegetarians will crave meat.

I’ve discovered when you crave meat you are either craving nutrients like iron and protein or the flavors and textures of some of your favorite meat-filled dishes of the past.

Try to satisfy your craving with a faux meat option if possible, if that’s not possible make sure you eat some protein and hit the flavor profile you are craving like something salty and smoky if you are craving bacon.

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Is It Normal For A Vegetarian To Crave Meat

If you have eaten meat in the past it is completely normal to crave it especially if you ate meat for a long period of time.

Growing up I ate meat but, I can remember not even loving it back then.

For many years I had cravings for some of those nostalgic meals from my childhood.

I no longer do but, it took many years for the occasional meat craving to go away.

What Does It Mean When A Vegetarian Dreams Of Meat

Dreaming about eating meat as a vegetarian can be interpreted in so many ways.

  • Need for connection
  • Meticulous character
  • A loving family

Besides these options, it could obviously mean that you are hungry and are dwelling on your lack of consumption of meat.

Why Am I Suddenly Craving Meat As A Vegetarian

Depending on where you are at in your vegetarian journey you may be craving meat because you haven’t been a vegetarian for long and are not used the lifestyle yet.

You may also be lacking protein and nutrients in your diet causing you to crave meat.

Final Thoughts

Many vegetarians may crave or miss eating meat from time to time but, for the most part we don’t once we have adjusted to a vegetarian lifestyle.

The first couple of years of being a vegetarian is where you will miss meat the most, the longer you have been a vegetarian the less you will crave meat.

Most likely, you will get to the point where you don’t crave or miss meat instead it grosses you out.

Unless you are my husband with bacon. The smell still tempts him.

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