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Classic Stuffine Recipe

Classic Stuffing- Easy Vegetarian Thanksgiving Side Dish

Classic Stuffing has to be my favorite Thanksgiving side dish. It narrowly beats out mashed potatoes and gravy. There is something so nostalgic about that delicious bread and vegetable dish. The soft inside with the crunchy outside is a perfect combination. The buttery herb and seasoning mixture makes this classic […]

How Much Do People Spend On Groceries

How Much Do People Spend On Groceries?

I often wonder while checking out at the grocery store and seeing the busy shoppers around me how much do people spend on groceries. How does our household grocery spending compare to others? Of course, many variables come into play. Dietary restrictions, preferences, and the region you live in. When […]

Halloween Snack Board

Halloween Snack Board

Don’t you think snack boards are so much fun? I love the visual appeal of such a pretty Halloween Snack Board filled with treats. Having a snack board can turn any day into a party. As fun as snack boards can be they can sometimes be expensive when you add […]