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Is Beeswax Vegetarian
Vegetarian Questions

Is Beeswax Vegetarian Or Vegan (Quick Facts)

Beeswax can be found in many products ranging from candles to cosmetics but, is beeswax vegan or vegetarian? Many vegetarians will consider beeswax a vegetarian-friendly product and include it in their lifestyle, whereas vegans may debate the use of beeswax due to some of the farming practices used in the honey bee industry. Is Beewax […]

How Much Does Tofu Cost At Costco
Vegetarian Questions

How Much Does Tofu Cost At Costco

Costco is famous for it’s warehouse style membership shopping with bulk products. Does Costco sell tofu and how much does tofu cost at Costco? Can I Buy Tofu From Costco You may be surprised to discover that many Costco locations sell tofu. When Did Costco Start Selling Tofu Tofu was originally introduced to Costco’s offering […]

what is the logic behind vegans not drinking milk
Vegetarian Questions

What Is The Logic Behind Vegans Not Drinking Milk

At first glance, the dairy industry and milk don’t seem like they should be a concern for vegans so what is the logic behind vegans not drinking milk? The dairy industry is full of animal rights and welfare concerns with some of the most cruel practices in place. These issues alone are enough for vegans […]

can vegans wear pearls
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Can Vegetarians Or Vegans Wear Pearls (Alternatives)

Pearls are about as classic as you can get but, can vegetarians or vegans wear pearls? Cultured natural pearls may be worn by some vegetarians but, are not vegan friendly due to the practices used during the farming and retrieval process of creating pearls. where living creatures are often harmed or killed. Can Vegetarians Wear […]

Are Maggi Masala Noodle Vegetarian
Vegetarian Questions

Is Masala Maggi Vegetarian Or Vegan (Quick Facts)

Masala Maggi is a very popular instant noodle flavor and brand but, are they vegetarian or vegan? Maggi Masala is both vegetarian and vegan friendly. The traditional noodles and the on-the-go Masala noodles are both animal product free. You do need to look out for the non-vegan and vegetarian chicken flavor that contains animal products. […]

Vegetarian Questions

Are Super Noodles Vegetarian Or Vegan (Quick Facts)

A warm bowl of noodles in a tasty broth is classic comfort food but, are any of Super Noodle Flavors vegetarian or vegan? Super Noodles offers five vegetarian flavors and three vegan flavors of instant noodle soup. None of the vegan flavors are certified vegan since they are produced alongside products that contain dairy. Flavors […]

can vegan drink coffee
Vegetarian Questions

Can Vegetarians Or Vegans Drink Coffee

Starting the day with a warm cup of coffee is a ritual many of us enjoy and require to feel like humans but, can vegetarians or vegans drink coffee? Coffee is both vegetarian and vegan-friendly but, offers some ethical and environmental concerns to consider. Beyond, the environmental impacts the additions to your morning cup of […]

Can Vegans wear Uggs
Vegetarian Questions

Can Vegetarians Or Vegans Wear Uggs

Uggs made their claim to fame in the 1990s and have stayed popular since but, can vegetarians or vegans wear Uggs? Vegans will often not wear any product that was made from the animal industry or has contributed to animal cruelty whereas vegetarians may or may not have the same belief system towards animal by-products […]

do vegetarians eat honey
Vegetarian Questions

Can Vegetarians Or Vegans Eat Honey (Quick Facts)

Honey is sweet, sticky, and delicious with many different healthy and healing properties but, can vegetarians or vegans eat honey? Many vegetarians choose to still consume honey whereas most vegans do not. There is a lot of confusion surrounding honey, making it hard for people to determine if they can eat it or not. A […]

Easy Baked Vegan Cheesecake

Easy Baked Vegan Cheesecake (For Beginners)

Cheesecake sounds like an impossible feat for a vegan, given its dairy-centric name, this famous dish may seem like it’s out of the realm of enjoyment for those that omit dairy from their diets. Don’t be so sure, I have a vegan cheesecake recipe for you that is not only dairy-free it’s deliciously easy to […]