How Many McDonald's Are In NYC

How Many McDonald’s Are In NYC (Quick Information)

Whether you like it or not McDoanld’s is an American Classic with restaurants located all of the country and world but, how many McDonald’s are located in New York City?

There are currently over 250 McDonald’s restaurant locations found in New York City including some very unique locations including a piano player and one which is designed in an industrial style with three-stories and a giant glass window.

How Many McDonald’s Restaurants Are In New York City

At this point in time, there are more than 250 McDonald’s restaurants located in New York City.

This number makes New York City the city with the most McDonald’s locations.

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How Many McDonald’s Are In Manhattan

Out of the 250 McDonald’s restaurants located in New York City, there are 74 of them alone located in Manhattan.

How Many McDonald’s Are In Brooklyn

There are currently 61 McDonal’ds restaurants located in Brooklyn.

How Many McDonald’s Are In The Bronx

You will find 45 McDonald’s Restaurants located in the Bronx.

How Many McDonald’s Are In Staten Island

There are currently 6 McDonald’s locations found on Staten Island.

In 2017 a popular Staten Island McDonald’s location closed after being ope for 20 years.

How Many McDonald’s Are In Queens

There are 52 McDonald’s restaurants located in Queens.

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What McDonald’s Locations Are Near Broadway Or The Theater District

There are various McDonald’s locations that are near Broadway and the Theater District.

  • 1651 Broadway
  • 1528 Broadway
  • 688 8th Avenue
  • 1188 6th Avenue

What McDonald’s Location Is Closest To Times Square

The closest McDonalds to Times Square is now the location at 688 8th Avenue.

Is There A McDonald’s In Times Square

There used to be an iconic McDonald’s location in Time Square with a huge marque sign with thousands of light bulbs, up until 2020.

Why Did The McDonald’s In Times Square Close

McDonald’s hasn’t been clear on why they closed the Time Square location.

They did indicate that it was a difficult decision and it came at during in 2020 when it was challenging for the restaurant business.

Anthing possible contributing factor may be that McDonald’s had recently opened up two near locations near Times Square including a unique glass faced three-story restaurant.

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What McDonald’s Locations Are Closest To Central Park

Depending on where you are in Central Park will determine where you closest McDonald’s is located.

Here are some of the closest McDoanld’s locations to Central Park.

  • 946 8th Avenue
  • 2049 Broadway
  • 2549 Broadway
  • 2726 Broadway
  • 1872 3rd Ave
  • 1499 3rd Ave

What McDonald’s Locations Are Near Grand Central Station

The closest McDonald’s location to Grand Central Station is 18 E 42nd Street.

What McDonald’s Locations Are Near The Empire State Building

The closest McDonald’s location to The Empire State Building is the restaurant located at 972 6th Avenue.

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What McDonald’s Locations Are Near The 9/11 Memorial

The closest McDonald’s locations near the 9/1 Memorial site are.

  • 167 Chambers Street
  • 160 Broadway

What McDonald’s Locations Are Near Rockefeller Center

The closest McDonald’s locations to Rockefeller Center are.

  • 14 E 47th Street
  • 1188 6th Avenue

When Was The First McDonald’s Opened In New York City

The first McDonald’s restaurant in New York City was opened by Lee Dunham in Harlem, it was located at 215 West 125th Street.

At the time burgers cost 23 cents and fries were only 15 cents.

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What Are The Most Unique McDonald’s Restaurants In New York City

The word unique and McDonald’s restaurants don’t seem to go together but, there are some pretty interesting and unique McDonald’s locations in New York City.

Uptown Near Madame Tussauds

This interesting McDonald’s is a three-story broadway-style building that is unlike any other McDonald’s location.

The entire space is open throughout the three levels, with industrial metal and broadway lights you may feel like you are working backstage at a broadway show as you munch on your Big Mac.

160 Broadway

The McDonald’s located at 160 Broadway in the financial district is chicly decorated in wood paneling, plexiglass platforms, and modern fixtures.

The amazing part about this location is the live piano player that entertains the restaurants’ patrons.

Final Thoughts

With over 240 McDonald’s restaurants located in New York City you are bound to find one near you at any time.

I suggest checking out some of the more unique McDoanld’s like the three-story location near Madame Tussauds or the 160 Broadway location with a piano player.

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