Why is fish vegetarian

Why Is Fish Vegetarian (Quick Facts)

We’ve all come across someone who calls themselves a vegetarian and then orders the salmon at a restaurant.

It can make you scratch you head and wonder “Why is fish vegetarian?”.

There are many different types of vegetarians each with their own label or title that describes their diet. The problem is the labels are confusing and most people don’t know that they mean. It’s easier to just call yourself a vegetarian when in reality you are a pescatarian.

How Come Some Vegetarians Eat Fish

The terminology used to describe people that eat diets limiting certain foods can be murky.

When we start to discuss those that do not consume animal products you may come across the following titles.

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Plant-Based
  • Lacto-Vegetarians
  • Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians
  • Ovo-Vegetarians
  • Pescatarian
  • Flexatarian

With such a long list of vegetarian diets that vary in the specific foods that they eat it can get confusing.

Some vegetarians may not even know the exact title for their diets and keep it simple by saying they are “vegetarians”.

Calling yourself a vegetarian is a general term for anyone that excludes some sort of animal product in their diet.

Do All Vegetarians Eat Fish

Not all vegetarians eat fish.

There are many vegetarian diets that exclude fish and all seafood from their diets.

What Types Of Vegetarians Eat Fish

The following types of vegetarians still consume fish and seafood.

  • Pescatarian
  • Plant-Based
  • Flexitarian


Pescatarians eliminate all animal products from their diets except fish and seafood.

Some pescatarians may or may not choose to include eggs and dairy products in their diets.


The term “Plant-Based” may be the new kid at the vegetarian pool.

Although the trendy term seemed to have popped up out of nowhere, many people have bing living a plant-based lifestyle for generations.

A plant-based diet isn’t really a vegetarian diet.

With many other “vegetarian” diets falling under the vegetarian umbrella including those that still consume meat and dairy, plant-based should be considered as part of the group.

Someone that follows a plant-based diet eats mostly plants but, still consumes dairy, meat, and seafood but, in only very small portions.


Flexitarian is another fairly new term being used to describe those that focus on eating fewer animal products.

A flexitarian is very similar to a vegetarian but, is less focused on eating more plant foods.

They tend to eat more of a standard diet but, limit the consumption of animal products.

Why Do Pescatarians Eat Fish But Not Meat

Many pescatarians try to balance out the desire to eliminate animal products with the needs of their bodies and wants.

Many people find it easier to not eliminate all animal products, and still consume fish due to all of the healthy vitamins, minerals, and fats.

Why Is Fish vegetarian

Should Pescatarians Still Be Called Vegetarians

There is a big debate regarding whether pescatarians should still be called vegetarians.

You could easily make an argument for each side.

I think anyone that is eliminating animal products for some reason or another should be able to have a specific title that simply describes their diet to others.

The problem is many people have no idea the difference between all of the titles making it easier to just call yourself a vegetarian.

Can Vegetarians Eat Seafood?

What Types Of Vegetarians Do No Eat Fish

There are more vegetarian types that decide to eliminate fish and seafood from their diets.

  • Vegan
  • Lacto-Vegetarian
  • Ovo-Vegetarian
  • Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian


Vegans are the most strict of the entire vegetarian group.

Most vegans choose a vegan diet and lifestyle due to their passion for animal life and treatment.

Vegans do not consume animal products or use any products made with or harmed animals.

Do Vegetarians Eat Any Fish

As a group, those vegetarians that choose to eat fish can eat any type of fish or seafood.

Of course, everyone will have their own dislikes and favorites.

Is Eating Fish The Same As Eating Shellfish

Although, fish and shellfish are very different when it comes to those that suffer from shellfish allergies.

To vegetarians that are choosing to consume or not consume fish or shellfish, they are the same, and it’s a personal choice.

Why Do Vegetarians Think Fish Isn’t Meat

The term meat is also a very grey area, with various opinions.

Many people often refer to meat as being the flesh of warm-blooded, fur-covered animals like cows, pigs, and fowl.

Fish are cold-blooded and have scales or shells which makes it easier for people to classify them as something besides meat.

Do Vegans Eat Fish

Vegans do not eat fish, seafood, or any animal products at all.

Is Eating Fish Cruel

There are various opinions on whether eating fish is cruel.

Some believe that although fish are living creatures they can’t feel pain or have the mental capacity to suffer.

That assumption is incorrect.

Do Fish Have Feelings

Fish have been found to have nerves, brain structure, and brain chemistry and have shown behaviors to prove that they can feel pain, fear, and experience physiological distress.

Can You Call Yourself A Vegetarian If You Eat Fish

Vegetarian is often used as a blanket term to describe many variations of a diet that excludes or limits animal products.

Vegetarian is a confusing term, to begin with, that means many different things.

If a pescatarian is eliminate meat from some animals they are a type of vegetarian but, not a complete vegan that excludes all animal products.

Can Vegetarians Take Fish Oil

Depending on the type of vegetarian that you are and the limitations that you have set on yourself you may or may not still consume fish oil.

Why Is Fish Oil Not Vegetarian

Fish oil is not vegetarian because it is made from fish, may vegetarians do not consume fish or products made with fish or seafood.

Can A Vegan Take Fish Oil

Vegans do not take fish oil because it is an animal product.

What Can Vegetarians Take Instead Of Fish Oil

There are vegetarian substitutes for fish oil.

The majority of people that are taking fish oil are consuming it for the Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s.

What most people are not aware of its that the Omegas found in fish actually come from the algae that they eat.

You can skip the fish and get your Omega’s directly from algae.

Luckily, you so not need to eat algae you can purchase gel caps and liquid drops.

Some products that I have used are.

Final Thoughts

All of the different vegetarian titles and labels can be very confusing to understand even for those who follow these diets.

Every person has their own reasons why they choose to eat fish or not eat fish.

It can depending on their upbringing, likes, dislikes, and overall thoughts an feeling towards fish as animals.

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