Why do Mcdonald's Drink holders smell

Why Do McDonald’s Cup Holders Smell (All About McDonald’s Cups)

We all know that distinct smell that comes from a McDonald’s cup holder but, where does that smell come from?

Why Do McDonald’s Cup Holders Smell

There are a variety of reasons why the cup holders at Mcdonald’s smell with the majority of those reasons coming back to the ingredients that are used to make the cup holders.

The wood pulp and the cornstarch used to hold the cup holder together ends up rotting over time and give off an off-putting odor.

What Are McDonald’s Cup Holders Made Of

The cup holders at McDonald’s are made from wood pulp, cardboard, cornstarch, and adhesives.

Are McDonald’s Cup Holders Recyclable

The cup holders at McDonald’s are made from recycled products, to begin with, but, if disposed of properly they can be recycled themselves.

Can You Microwave A McDonalds Coffee Cup

You can not microwave a McDonald’s coffee cup since the cups contain plastic and wax making the cups dangerous when heated.

If you need to reheat your McDonald’s coffee it is best to put the coffee into a microwave-safe container before reheating.

Why Can’t You Microwave A McDonald’s Coffee Cup

The plastic and wax that is within the McDonald’s coffee cup will heat up and start to melt making the cup lose its integrity as well as the chemicals leaching into your coffee.

Can You Reuse A McDonalds Cup

You could reuse a McDonald’s cup once if needed but, I do not recommend reusing a McDonald’s cup more often than once.

Can You Reuse McDonald’s Plastic Cups

McDonald’s plastic cups are not made to reuse, if needed you could reuse them once but, I would not recommend it.

Does McDonald’s Except Reusable Cups

Many McDonald’s locations will not let you bring your own reusable cup with it being up to the managers and franchise owners.

What Are McDonald's Cup Holders Made From

Are McDonald’s Cups Plastic

Currently, McDonald’s is using clear plastic cups instead of the paper cups they used to use.

Why Did McDonald’s Get Rid Of Paper Cups

Many of the ingredients that were used to make the old paper cups contained ingredients that were hard to recycle.

The current clear plastic cups are made from recycled plastic and are easy to recycle again.

Are All McDonald’s Cups The Same Size

Although there was a viral TikTik video that was claiming all of the McDonald’s cups hold the same amount of liquid, that is not true every McDonald’s cup is a different size.

How Many Ounces Are In A Small McDonald’s Cup

McDonald’s small cups hold 16 oz of soda.

How Many Ounces Are In A Medium McDonald’s Cup

McDonald’s medium cups hold 21 oz of soda.

How Many Ounces Are In A Large McDonald’s Cup

McDonald’s medium cups hold 30 oz of soda.

How Many Ounces Are In A Large McDonald’s Cup In Canada

McDonald’s large cups in Canada are the same size as in the United States holding 30 oz of soda.

Did McDonald’s Change Cup Sizes

In 2017 the large size cup at McDonald’s was reduced in size from 32 oz to 30 oz making a lot of customers upset.

Since then the cup size at McDonald’s has not changed.

What Size Are The Coffee Cups At McDonald’s

McDonald’s coffee cups come in three sizes small 12 oz, medium 16 oz, and large 22 oz.

Are McDonald’s Coffee Cups Recyclable

The coffee cups at McDonald’s are recyclable, it’s best to rinse out your cup when possible before placing it into a recycling bin.

Are McDonald’s Coffee Cup Lids Recyclable

The coffee cup lids at McDonald’s are recyclable.

Are McDonald’s Cups Recyclable

All of McDonald’s cups are recyclable.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a stinky McDonald’s cup holder or new clear plastic cups that are causing you to ask questions and ponder we are sure of one thing.

Mcdonald’s has moved into better practices of using recycled containers and making sure that those containers are recyclable.

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