why does mcdonalds put pickles on its burgers

Why Does McDonald’s Put Pickles On Its Burgers (McDonald’s Pickle Facts)

Most people either love or loathe pickles, especially on a warm burger but, why exactly does McDonald’s put pickles on its burgers?

Pickles are the perfect combination of flavors and textures from the salty dill flavor to the perfect crunch. They have been a classic condiment and addition for fatty hamburgers and cheeseburgers for years making it an obvious choice for McDonald’s to include them on its burgers.

Why Does McDonald’s Put Pickles On Its Burgers

Pickles have a strong acidic and salty flavor with a crunchy texture, this combination is perfect to balance out the fat and heaviness that is the burger and cheese.

Are McDonald’s Pickles And Gherkins The Same Thing

In the United States, we use the term pickles in the UK gherkins is the term used for the same exact product.

In the United States, we often think of gherkins as little mini-sized whole cucumbers instead of the slices that are used on McDonald’s burgers.

Why Are McDonald’s Pickles So Good

McDonald’s pickles are a kosher dill pickle giving it that perfect crisp vinegar-filled dill flavor.

This is the perfect complement to a warm burger, melty cheese, and bun.

A dill pickle that has a lot of flavor like the one used at McDonald’s makes a difference in how good your overall burger tastes.

With pickles, it’s not just about the taste, the texture of pickles is the perfect amount of crunch to a soft burger.

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Are McDonald’s Pickles Sweet

McDonald’s pickles are not sweet they are the traditional tart and sour flavored dill pickle.

The only exception is in addition to the dill burger sliced pickles, McDonald’s uses a sweet pickle relish in the Big Mac Sauce.

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Does McDonald’s Use Real Pickles

McDonald’s uses real pickles although they do have a variety of ingredients including preservatives.

What Ingredients Are In The Pickles At McDonald’s

The pickles at McDonald’s contain the following ingredients.

  • Cucumbers
  • Water
  • Distilled Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Alum
  • Potassium Sorbate (Preservative)
  • Natural Flavors
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Turmeric Extracts (For color)
Why are mcdonalds pickles so good

What Kind Of Pickles Does McDonald’s Use On Its Burgers

McDonald’s uses a classic dill “hamburger” slice or chip pickle.

These are round pickles slices that are roughly the size of a quarter.

What Brand Of Pickles Does McDonald’s Use

McDonald’s sources its pickles from a variety of sources and they do not disclose the details.

Although we don’t know the exact brand of pickles, the majority of people have said the Heinz brand dill hamburger slice pickles are the closest match to McDonald’s pickles.

Can I Buy Pickles From McDonald’s

Unfortunately, McDonald’s will not sell you their pickles, the best you can do is buy a copycat that is available at your local grocery store.

Where Can I Buy McDonald’s Pickles

You can not buy McDonald’s pickles but, you can buy the next best thing, which is the classic dill-flavored hamburger slices from Heinz.

Why Does McDonald’s Put Pickles In Big Macs

The classic sour flavor is a perfect match for the creamy and sweet Bic Mac Sauce making a tasty combination for Big Mac lovers to enjoy.

What Kind Of Pickle Is On The Big Mac

The dill hamburger slice pickles are used on the Big Mac Sandwich as well as a sweet relish pickle that is mixed into the Big Mac sauce.

How Many Pickles Are On A Big Mac

It may vary from restaurant to restaurant but, each Big Mac usually comes with five pickle slices.

Can You Ask For Extra Pickles At McDonald’s

If you happen to be a pickle lover you are in luck, when placing your order ask for extra pickles and are sure to get a few extra pickles on your burger.

What Pickles Does McDonald’s Use In Australia

Unlike in the United States where McDonald’s pickles are sourced from a variety of companies in Australia there is one sole supplier of pickles to the McDonald’s chain.

Final Thoughts

Are you a pickle lover or not, do you enjoy a nice crunchy sour bite on your burger.

In my opinion, pickles are the perfect complement to a burger or sandwich.

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