Why Can't McDonald's Accept Tips

Why Can’t McDonald’s Employees Accept Tips (Quick Facts)

Tipping is customary in many service industries including the restaurant business but, can you tip at McDonald’s?

Can McDonald’s Workers Take Tips

Unfortunately, McDonald’s workers are not allowed to accept tips according to the corporate policy.

The corporate office at McDonald’s wants to foster a team environment without having certain team members being rewarded individually.

What Happens When You Tell A McDonald’s Worker To Keep The Change

Often customers will hand an employee an amount of money and tell the worker to “keep the change”.

Can the employee actually keep the change in this situation?

The McDonald’s employee is not allowed to “keep the change” it would even be considered as theft in some cases.

The extra money just ends up in the cash drawer and back into the pockets of the franchise owner.

What Happens If You Hand A McDonald’s Employee A Tip And Drive Off

If a McDonald’s employee is given a tip and can not return it back to the customer they still can not keep the money.

Per company policy the tip at that point needs to be placed into the McDonald’s House Charity Jar.

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Do You Tip At McDonald’s Curbside

Unfortunately, due to the company policies that are put into place you are not supposed to tip McDonald’s employees, this includes those that are providing your food with the curbside service.

Can you tip at mcDonald's

Do McDonald’s Employees Get In Trouble If They Accept Tips

It may depend on the management of each restaurant if an employee will get in trouble or not for accepting tips.

At some locations, its action for a warning towards termination whereas others may look the other way.

Why Do Some Restaurants Not Allow Tips

Some restaurants develop policies like no tipping as a way to promote teamwork and fairness among their staff.

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Why Do Some Fast Food Restaurants Not Allow Tips

In the United States, there is a different pay structure for a fast-food employee versus the waitstaff at a sit-down restaurant.

It does depend on the state you live in but, in my state of Florida, the minimum wage is $11.00 an hour with the tipped minimum wage at $7.98 an hour.

If the tipped employee doesn’t make at least the minimum hourly wage the employer needs to make up the difference.

One argument it fast-food workers are paid a higher wage than tipped workers so they shouldn’t get tips.

Should You Tip Fast Food Workers

I think you should tip fast-food workers if the following circumstances apply to you.

  • Tipping is allowed
  • You receive great service
  • You can afford the tip

In many cases, tipping is not allowed but, if it is someone who has worked hard to deliver great service I would tip.

Workers in service industries often work hard long hours for a small amount of pay.

Any reward for their hard work is appreciated.

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Do Tips Always Go To The Workers

Tips do not always go to the workers and sometimes have to be split among the entire staff.

In some cases like at McDonald’s the tips end up in the McDonald’s House Donations box, which is also a good cause.

In other cases, the policy might be the entire staff needs to split the tips that are received during their working shift.

Final Thoughts

It can be confusing sometimes trying to figure out if you should tip or not tip.

There are so many unspoken rules to tipping with the customer ultimately making the choice.

Many fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s do not allow tipping whereas other counter-style restaurants are now offering the option to tip at check out.

To tip or not tip that is the question.

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