Is Honey Smacks Vegan

Are Honey Smacks Vegan (Quick Facts & Alternatives)

Honey Smacks are a very popular sweet puffed cereal but, are Honey Smacks vegan?

Honey Smacks are not a vegan-friendly cereal due to containing a variety of non-vegan ingredients. Luckily, there are some delicious vegan options you can try.

Can Vegans Eat Honey Smacks

Unfortunately, Honey Smacks contains a variety of non-vegan ingredients making it not a vegan-friendly cereal.

Why Wouldn’t Honey Smacks Be Vegan

Honey Smacks contains the following ingredients that are often considered not vegan.

  • Honey
  • White Sugar
  • Palm Oil

Why Is Honey Not Vegan

Honey is not considered a vegan-friendly food since it is a food product that honey bees are making for themselves not for us to take and consume.

Why Is White Sugar Not Considered Vegan

White sugar is often processed using bone char from animals.

Bone char is used to whiten or bleach the sugar.

You will not find any of the bone char in the finished product but, the fact that animal bones are being used, most vegans will avoid regular white sugar altogether.

Instead, you can select raw sugar or organic sugar and products that contain these ingredients.

Why Isn’t Palm Oil Vegan

Palm oil is technically vegan but, many are concerned about the destruction of animal habitats during the farming and harvesting of the palms.

Do Honey Smacks Contain Honey

With honey in the name, one could assume that Honey Smacks contains honey, which is correct.

You will find honey included in the ingredient list in Honey Smacks.

Do Honey Smacks Contain Dairy

Honey Smacks does not contain any dairy products.

Do Honey Smacks Contain Eggs

Honey Smacks cereal does not contain eggs or egg whites.

Do Honey Smacks Contain Gelatin

Honey Smacks do not contain gelatin.

What Are The Ingredients In Honey Smacks

You will find the following ingredients in a box of Honey Smacks Cereal.

 Whole grain wheat, sugar, glucose syrup, honey, contains 2% or less of palm oil, fruit juice for color, salt, canola lecithin, mixed tocopherols (vitamin E) for freshness.

Is Honey Smacks Vegan

Vegan Honey Smacks Alternatives

  • Natures Path Wheat Puffs
  • Awesum Qunioa Supercereal

Final Thoughts

You may be surprised at how many times the word honey can be in the name of a product and the product doesn’t contain any honey.

Unfortunately, for vegans that is not the case with Honey Smacks.

Honey Smacks contain honey as well as additional questionable ingredients making them not vegan.

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