Best Vegan Cereals

Best Vegan Cereals (22 Favorite Cereals)

If you are looking for only the very best vegan-friendly cereals you have come to the right spot.

I’m sharing the top tried and true vegan-friendly breakfast cereals.

Best Classic Vegan Cereals

  • 365 Brand Morning O’s
  • Barbaras Corn Flakes
  • Barbaras Puffins Original
  • General Mills Fiber One
  • Kashi Island Vanilla Biscuits
  • Natures Path Rice Puffs

365 Brand Morning O’s

The 365 Brand Morning O’s that are found at Whole Foods are the perfect dupe for classic Cheerios with much better quality vegan-friendly Ingredients.

Barbaras Corn Flakes

Barbaras Corn Flakes are made from only three organic ingredients making them a perfect swap for Kellogg’s Cornflakes.

Barbara’s Puffins

Barbara’s Puffins come in a variety of delicious flavors including the original, peanut butter, and cinnamon. This is a great option for those that like cereal that has a crunchy bite and doesn’t get soggy right away.

General Mills Fiber One

Fiber One is an “accidentally vegan” cereal that just happens to not contain animal-based or questionable ingredients.

Kashi Island Vanilla Biscuits

Kashi Island Vanilla Biscuits are a great option for those that love frosted mini wheat. The vanilla adds a bit of the frosting flavor as well as some sweetness.

Natures Path Rice Puffs

Nature’s Path Rice Puffs are the perfect one-ingredient vegan-friendly cereal. Add some bananas or berries for a sweet pop.

Vegan Cereals Just Like Your Favorites

  • Cascadian Farms Cinnamon Crunch
  • Cascadian Farms Graham Crunch
  • Cascadian Farms Raisin Bran
  • Natures Path Amazon Flakes
  • Natures Path Choco Chimps
  • Natures Path Gorilla Munch
  • Natures Path Koala Crisp
  • Three Wishes O’s
  • One Degree Sprouted Rice Cereals

Cascadian Farms Cinnamon Crunch

If you love Cinnamon Toast Crunch you will love replacing it with Cascadian Farms Cinnamon Crunch.

Cascadian Farms Graham Crunch

Cascadian Farms Graham Crunch is a great duplicate for Golden Grahams but, it’s vegan-friendly.

Cascadian Farms Raisin Bran

For Raisin Bran lovers the best vegan-friendly option is Cascadian Farms Raisin Bran. This cereal is also easily found in local grocery stores.

Natures Path Amazon Flakes

Nature’s Path Amazon Flakes are the perfect swap for those that love the sweetness of Frosted Flakes.

Nature’s Path Coco Chimps

Nature’s Path Coco Chimps are the perfect replacement for Coco Puffs.

Nature’s Path Gorilla Munch

Nature’s Path Gorilla Munch is a great swap for those that love the classic breakfast cereal Kix.

Nature’s Path Koala Crisp

Nature’s Path Koala Crisp is the perfect vegan replacement for those that love Cocoa Krispies or Cocoa Pebbles.

Three Wishes O’s

Three Wishes cereal is perfect for those that love O-shaped cereals. You will discover a large variety of flavors like vanilla frosted, cinnamon, and fruity.

One Degree Sprouted Rice Flakes

One Degree offers a healthy and sprouted version of your favorite classic Rice Krispies as well as Cocoa Krispies.

Vegan Granola

  • Natures Path Sunrise Crunchy Cereals
  • Wildway Vegan Granola
  • Purely Elizabeth Vegan Granola

Nature’s Path Sunrise Crunchy Cereals

Nature’s Path Sunrise Crunchy Cereals come in a variety of flavors. This cereal needed to be on this list because it is the perfect combination of flakes and crunchy granola bites.

Wildway Vegan Granola

Wildway offers a nice selection of vegan and gluten frees granola with flavors like Cinnamon and Banana Nut.

Purely Elizabeth

Purely Elizabeth is another great vegan granola option with a larger variety of flavors.

Kid’s Favorite Vegan Cereals

  • Natures Path Cheetah Chomps
  • Natures Path Leapin Lemurs
  • Natures Path Panda Puffs
  • Natures Path Rhino Rolls

Nature’s Path Cheetah Chomps

Nature’s Path Cheetah Chomps is a perfect berry-flavored cereal in the shape of multi-colored O’s.

Nature’s Path Leapin Lemurs

The perfect vegan-friendly crunchy cereal that combines the ever-popular flavor combination of peanut butter and chocolate.

Nature’s Path Panda Puffs

Nature’s Path Panda Puffs would be the ideal vegan choice for those that love peanut butter.

Nature’s Path Rhino Rolls

This vegan-friendly cereal looks like a bunch of small cinnamon rolls. It’s fun and delicious at the same time.

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