Vegan Cereal Shopping

How To Shop For Vegan Cereals (11 Vegan Brands)

Navigating the entire cereal aisle and searching for a vegan-friendly cereal is a monumental task.

This article is your guide to making cereal shopping a breeze.

I’m sharing what to look out for and what brands and flavors of cereal are the most vegan-friendly.

Are All Breakfast Cereals Vegan

The majority of breakfast cereals that you will find at your local grocery store will not be vegan-friendly.

This may come as a surprise to many since breakfast cereals are not loaded with meat products.

The non-vegan ingredients found in breakfast cereals are a little more sneaky.

The majority of the non-vegan ingredients in breakfast cereals are listed under confusing names or under an umbrella term that is used to describe ingredients that could be plant-based or sourced from animals.

Some of the more common non-vegan ingredients in breakfast cereals include.

  • Honey
  • Whey
  • Dry Milk Powder
  • Vitamin D3
  • Natural Flavors

For more sneaky ingredients, you can read my entire article listing all of the non-vegan ingredients found in breakfast cereals.

Controversial Ingredients In Breakfast Cereals

Where some of the ingredients like honey or dry milk powder are obviously not vegan there are others that are controversial and often debated by vegans.

One of these ingredients is regular white sugar.

White sugar is often processed using bone char from animals.

Bone char is used to alter the color of the sugar granules so they are bright white.

You won’t find any of the bone char in the finished product but, the use of an animal by-product is enough for many to consider white sugar a non-vegan-friendly ingredient.

Vegan-Friendly Cereal Brands

The following list may contain some brands that are not fully vegan, you will need to still look closely at the labels to make sure.

Cascadian Farms

Cascadian Farms is a brand that is easily found at most local grocery stores.

Not all of Cascadian Farms cereals are vegan but, Purely O’s, Vanilla Crisp, Cinnamon Crunch, Berry Vanilla Puffs, and Whole Grain Crunch Cereals are.

Nature’s Path

Nature’s Path has a huge selection of breakfast cereals with many of them being vegan-friendly.

Some of my favorites include Crispy Rice, Sunrise Berry Crunch, and Gorilla Munch.

Kashi Cereal

Kashi Cereals can also be easily found in most grocery stores.

Some of their vegan-friendly cereals include Peanut Butter Crunch, Toasted Berry Crisp, and Organic Blueberry Clusters.

Barbaras Cereal

Barbaras has many vegan-friendly cereals including Puffins Cereal, Oat Crunch, and Honest O’s.

One Degree Organics

One Degree Organics has some wonderful sprouted grain options that are vegan including Sprouted Oat O’s, and Sprouted Brown Rice Cocoa Crisps.

Food For Life

Food For life offers cereals that contain organic and sprouted ingredients.

Some of their vegan flavors include Cinnamon Raisin and Almond.

Awsom Snacks

Awsum Snacks offers a nice variety of breakfast cereals in the shape of puffed starts at also contain superfoods and seeds.

You will discover flavors like Cinnamon Chia Seed and Cocoa.

Forager Project

Forager Project offers a variety of grain-free vegan cereals in classic flavors like cinnamon.

Three Wishes

Three Wishes offers a nice selection of classic O-style cereals in a variety of vegan flavors including Strawberry and Vanilla Frosted.

365 Everyday Value

365 Everyday Value is the store brand found at Whole Food Grocery Stores.

You will find classic vegan flavors like cornflakes and raisin bran.

Trader Joes

Trader Joe’s also offers a selection of vegan-friendly cereals. You will need to read the labels closely to confirm.

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