why does my mcdoanlds milkshake taste like banana

Why Do McDonald’s Milkshakes Taste Like Banana (Quick Facts)

You’ve just taken a sip of your cold and frosty McDonald’s shake and something doesn’t seem right, is that banana you taste?

Why Does My McDonald’s Milkshake Taste Like Banana

Your milkshake may taste like banana because the previous milkshake that was dispensed from the milkshake machine was banana flavored.

One machine is often used for multiple milkshake flavors at McDonald’s.

Employees are supposed to rinse the machine and make sure the flavors do not combine.

In some cases, this will not happen and you will receive some of the flavorings from the last milkshake poured.

Do McDonald’s Milkshakes Contain Banana

The milkshakes sold at McDonald’s do not contain bananas.

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Does The Banana Milkshake At McDonald’s Contain Banana

You would think the banana milkshake at McDonald’s would contain bananas but, unfortunately, they do not contain any bananas.

What Is Used For The Banana Flavoring In The Milkshakes At McDonald’s

The banana flavoring in the banana milkshakes at McDonald’s is a banana-flavored syrup.

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Do Vanilla Shakes At McDonald’s Taste Like Banana

A vanilla milkshake at McDonald’s is most likely to taste like a banana if a little leftover banana milkshake or syrup is poured into your vanilla milkshake cup.

Banana is a much stronger flavor than vanilla and will most often be noticeable if it’s present.

Do Strawberry Milkshakes At McDonald’s Taste Like Banana

Strawberry-banana is a classic flavor combination but, what if you didn’t order a strawberry-banana milkshake.

You may or may not detect any banana flavor in a strawberry milkshake if you receive some leftover banana shake.

Both flavors are fairly comparable and compatible with each other.

banana milkshakes at mcdonalds

Do Chocolate Milkshakes At McDonald’s Taste Like Banana

Chocolate is such a strong flavor that in most cases you would not notice any banana flavoring if you happen to get some in your chocolate shake.

Chocolate-covered bananas are delicious making this a great combination.

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Why Doesn’t The United States Have Banana Milkshakes At McDonald’s

Unfortunately, for banana lovers, you won’t find the banana milkshake at a McDonald’s in the United States.

McDonald’s tries to offer its customer the best options that are likely to sell well in each market while keeping it’s menu fairly narrowed down.

At this time, the US market doesn’t demand enough business for the banana milkshake.

Where Are Banana Milkshakes Available At McDonald’s

You will find banana milkshakes in the UK as well as McDonald’s located in India.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve received a milkshake at McDonald’s and feel like it tastes like banana or something else you are not crazy.

If you happen to get a little bit of syrup or spill over from the last shake poured your McDonald’s milkshake may taste like something different.

If you happen to be in a country that offers banana milkshakes and you order a vanilla milkshake, your vanilla milkshake may contain some banana flavoring and taste like banana.

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