Are Sunchips Vegan

Are Sunchips Vegan Or Vegetarian (Quick Facts)

Sunchips are a favorite of many but, are Sunchips vegan or vegetarian? The original flavored Sunchips are vegan and vegetarian-friendly as well as containing the least amount of ingredients. The remaining Sunchip flavors are not vegan but, are safe for vegetarians to enjoy with possible concerns for some. Are Sunchips […]

Are Fruit Roll-Ups Vegan

Are Fruit Roll-Ups Vegan Or Vegetarian (Quick Facts)

I don’t think I’ve had a Fruit Roll-Up in years but, these fun and unforgettable sweet snacks are iconic but, are they vegan or vegetarian? Answer Are Fruit Roll-Ups Vegan Although, Fruit Roll-Ups have a chewy texture that often indicates a product isn’t vegan, Fruit Roll-Ups on the other hand […]

Are Nerds Candy Vegan

Are Nerds Vegan Or Vegetarian (Quick Facts)

Nerds are fun little morsels of candy with a hard and crunchy exterior and a sweet but tart center. They are a nice treat but, are Nerds candy vegan or vegetarian? Some flavors of Nerds Candy are safe for vegans and vegetarians to enjoy. Others like the pink strawberry flavor […]

Are Fruit Gushers Vegan

Are Gushers Vegan Or Vegetarian (Quick Facts)

Fruit Gushers look like little candy gems, and when you bite into one you get a gush of a surprise. As fun as Fruit Gushers is many vegans and vegetarians may wonder if Fruit Gushers are vegan or vegetarian. Fruit Gushers are technically vegan and vegetarian but, they still contain […]

Are Jolly Ranchers Vegan Or Vegetarian

Are Jolly Ranchers Vegan Or Vegetarian (Quick Facts)

Jolly Rancher candy is a blast from the past, this ever-popular flavorful candy is enjoyed by many but, are Jolly Ranchers vegan or vegetarian? Classic Jolly Rancher Hard Candies are vegan and vegetarian friendly but, they still contain ingredients that may be off limits and questionable to some vegans and […]

Are crumbl cookies vegan

Are Crumbl Cookies Vegan Or Vegetarian (Quick Facts)

Crumbl Cookies are extremely popular with it’s roating selection of delicious cookies that are often chewey with the perfect amount of frosting on top but, are these delicious bites vegan or vegetarian? Unfortunately, at this time all of the delicious soft and chewy cookies offered at Crumbl Cookies are not […]

Is SkinnyPop Vegan Or Vegetarian

Is SkinnyPop Vegan Or Vegetarian (Quick Facts)

Popcorn is a favorite snack of many people with SkinnyPop being a quick grab-and-go snack but, is SkinnyPop safe for vegans and vegetarians to enjoy? The majority of SkinnyPop flavored popcorn is vegan and vegetarian. Surprisingly you will discover one cheese-based flavor that is also vegan but, be aware there […]