what do vegetarians think of meat eaters

What Do Vegetarians Think Of Meat Eaters

People often wonder what vegetarians actually think of people who eat meat. Let’s dig into exactly what vegetarians think of meat-eaters.

The majority of vegetarians don’t often think about meat-eaters. Occasionally we may judge a meat eater for their choices, often wondering if the meat-eater is aware of the treatment of animals and in the impact that their meat consumption has.

Do Vegetarians Judge Meat Eaters

As humans, we all naturally judge each other’s choices and lifestyles whether we do it intentionally or not.

Vegetarians judge meat-eaters!

I said it, and it’s true. Of course, there are many different levels of judging from the occasional thought to complete obsession.

The majority of vegetarians occasionally judge meat-eaters when a situation arises that sparks a judgy thought.

When Do Vegetarians Judge Meat Eaters

There are certain social situations that usually spark judgemental feelings and thoughts.

When we visit a fair or carnival and people are walking around gnawing on a giant caveman-style turkey leg. (yes, you may be being judged as a caveman).

When we are being overly questioned about our vegetarian choices and lifestyle and feel as if the person is judging us.

When “Funny” jokes are being made about being a vegetarian or meat-eater. “I’m a member of PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals”.

When someone outright disrespects animal life and mistreats animals themselves or feels like it’s ok to mistreat animals.

Do Vegetarians Have The Right To Judge Others For Eating Meat

Judging people is a natural human experience.

There are many reasons why we do it, originally maybe it was to weed out those that would inhibit our survival as a species.

Today, we often judge other people to gauge if they are worth our time and energy in our busy lives and to evaluate where we fit with others.

Judgments towards others are not always fair and nice. That’s where we should all take a step back and look at ourselves.

Do Vegetarians Shame Meat Eaters

The majority of vegetarians aren’t interested in shaming anyone else, including meat-eaters.

You may occasionally come across someone who is passionate or is triggered by a certain situation.

I personally get upset when I see the living conditions of animals and a truckload of animals being sent to slaughter.

Do Vegans Shame Meat Eaters More Than Vegetarians

Veganism is more of a moral lifestyle choice versus a vegetarian diet.

Although, many vegetarians choose to stop eating meat due to animal cruelty the majority of vegans are passionate about the cause.

The more passionate a person is about a topic, the more likely they are to express their strong voice.

I can remember a time when I lived next door an avid hunter and a vegan on the opposite side. One day the hunter got a deer and had it hung up in the front yard.

The vegan was upset (rightfully so from her point of view). She yelled at the hunt calling him a murder.

do vegetarians judge meat eaters

Do Vegetarians View Meat Eaters As Monsters

The majority of vegetarians don’t view meat-eaters as monsters but, may view them in a negative manner because they either haven’t thought about their actions and the effects it has on animal lives.

Others have thought about how they eat impacts the lives of animals and they just don’t care enough to change what they are doing.

We all may view the lives and care of animals differently.

Are Vegetarians Grossed Out By Meat Eaters

Vegetarians aren’t usually grossed out by meat-eaters themselves but, can be grossed out by the sight and smells of meat.

Do Vegetarians Want To Change What Meat Eaters Eat

The majority of vegetarians don’t want to waste their time trying to convert a meat-eater into a vegetarian.

There may be some that enjoy preaching the vegetarian cause which often gives vegetarians as a whole a bad name.

Most vegetarians want to live their own lives.

What Do Vegans Think Of Meat Eaters

Every person has their own opinion of others, including vegans.

Some vegans may not even care that a person enjoys eating meat whereas on the opposite end of the spectrum some vegans are completely disgusted by meat-eaters.

do vegans judge meat eaters

How To Be A Non-Judgemental Vegetarian

Vegetarians, vegans, and meat-eaters can often be judgemental of each other.

It can be hard when you are passionate about something or don’t understand the way someone else lives.

We can all work on being a little less judgemental towards each other.

Recognize That Everyone Is Differenet

It would be a very boring world if we were all the same.

We should just step back and be aware that just because someone is different than us, it doesn’t mean they are wrong.

Of course, we may not get along with every person we come across and that’s ok.

Just acknowledge that they are not the best fit for you as a friend.

Be Aware That You Don’t Know Everything About A Person

We don’t know everything about each other.

If someone is rude to you, they may be having the worst day of their life and you are completely unaware of that.

You never know what someone is going through.

It’s best to give people grace sometimes and move on.

Remember That You Were Probably Once A Meat Eater

I happen to reflect on this often.

I can sometimes feel like a different life.

I personally grew up eating meat just like the majority of us and even went hunting with family members and ate the meat.

It seems crazy to me now but, at the time it was what was completely normal to me.

Try To Be More Self Aware

If you realize that you are judging someone else, step back and think about why you feel that way.

Maybe you can correct those feelings or you might validate them.

Remember That Nobody Is Perfect

We are all perfectly imperfect. Just remember that none of us are perfect. We are all just trying to live our personal best lives.

Final Thoughts

This can be a touchy subject, and I hope no one was offended.

Everything I’ve written is based on my life experiences as being a vegetarian for over a decade and a meat-eater and hunter before that.

I’ve been on both sides of this fence and can see everyone’s point of view.

Hopefully, we can all be a little gentler towards each other and our lifestyle choices.

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