does a vegetarians poop smell better

Does A Vegetarians Poop Smell Better

Wouldn’t we all love it if our poop didn’t stink? We can’t avoid it, in order to live healthy lives we need to poop but, is it possible that a vegetarian’s poop smells better?

A vegetarian’s poop is likely to smell better when compared to someone who consumes meat. Besides meat, there are many other contributing factors that determine how stinky your poop is like other dietary choices, medications, and gut health.

Why Does Poop Smell

Let’s jump into why poop smells, to begin with.

Stinky poop is connected to our gut health and bacteria within the gut.

Our diets and bacteria that are within the colon will directly impact how our poop looks and smells.

Malabsorption, infections, and medications can directly impact the smell of your poop.

The bacteria within your gut interacts with whatever enters your gut (food and medicines) and creates gases. The gases will vary and are responsible for giving off the unpleasant stinky poop smell.

Does Eating Meat Make Your Poop Smell More

A chemical call mercaptan is almost exclusively found in animal products.

This chemical produces an odor that is similar to a sulfur “rotting eggs” smell.

Consuming meat can make your poop smell more.

Does Eating Vegetables Make Your Poop Smell Less

Eating more vegetables can make your poop smell less but, it is not that simple.

There are many vegetables that can make your poop smell stronger like arugula, watercress, cruciferous veggies, dried fruit, garlic, and legumes.

What Foods Can Make You Poop Smell More

Eating sulfur-rich foods like meat, dairy, eggs, and cruciferous veggies can increase the sulfur gas within your body making your poop and gas smell stronger.

Consuming supplements and alcohol with sulfates can also make your poop smell.

Eating a diet that is high in fat can overwhelm your digestive system and get passed through your system undigested making your poop smell more.

Consuming a lot of sugar alcohols like sorbitol can contribute to stinky poop.

Eating a lot of processed foods with artificial chemicals can make your poop smell.

does eating vegetables make you poop smell less

Does You Poop Change When You Become A Vegetarian

Your poop is likely to change when you become a vegetarian.

The changes that you will notice will depend on a few factors, what you eat and how your body responds to those foods and if you have any digestive or gut health issues.

Will My Poop Smell More When I Become A Vegetarian

In the beginning, your body will be ridding itself of toxins and bacterias that are found within the gut.

This process may lead to your poop being stinky even more in the beginning.

Is A Vegetarians Poop Different

If your vegetarian diet has an increase in fiber from fruits and vegetables you will experience a smoother operating digestive system with less constipation and diarrhea.

Does A Vegetarians Poop Float

A vegetarian or vegan poop is likely to float more often in comparison to a meat-eater poop.

A vegetarian diet is often high in fiber which floats.

What Does It Mean When You Poop Floats

Besides eating a lot of fiber your poop can float because you have a lot of gas, too much fat in your poop, malabsorption, or an infection.

Do Vegetarians Poop More

Vegetarians will often have more regular bowel movements when compared to meat-eaters.

You should have at least one bowel movement a day, maybe even more.

As a vegetarian who consumes an abundance of fiber-rich fruit, vegetables, and legumes you should have no problem having daily bowel movements.

Do Vegetarians Poop A Lot

Vegetarians will poop more often than meat-eaters but, is it a lot?

The average person only poops three times a week.

Vegetarians often poop one to three times a day with some having even more daily bowel movements.

why does poop smell

What Does A Vegetarians Poop Look Like

There is actually a lot of science behind what your poop looks like.

The Bristol Stool Form Scale is an assessment tool used to discuss and classify the different types of stool.

Is A Vegetarians Poop Solid

Your poop should be in a solid state but, not so solid that it ends up in pellets or clumps.

Do Vegetarians Have Lighter Poop

Your poop will change according to the foods you are eating. There will be times when your poop is lighter or darker.

Do Vegetarians Have Green Poop

Although your poop should be brown, green poop is usually completely normal.

In the case of a vegetarian, green poop may mean that you have been eating a lot of green vegetables, green food coloring, or iron.

Do Vegetarians Have Yellow Poop

A poop with a yellow tint to it is also normal.

You should speak to your doctor about your yellow poop if it is extremely smelly and greasy.

Your body may not be digesting the food you eat properly.

Does Being A Vegetarian Help With Constipation

Being a vegetarian does help with having regular bowel movements and preventing constipation.

As well as consuming more fiber-rich foods making sure that you are consuming enough water in your diet can help with constipation.

What Are The Differences Between Vegetarian And Meat Eater Poop

The main differences between vegetarians and meat-eater poop will be the regularity of the bowel movements and the quality of those movements.

How To Make You Poop Not Stink

We can’t avoid stinky poop completely, it is a part of human life but, we can do things that can help our poop smell less.

  • Eat less meat
  • Eat less dairy
  • Eat less processed foods
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Consume less fat
  • Talk to your doctor about lactose intolerance
  • Speak with your doctor about your gut health
  • Don’t overeat
  • Chew slowly
  • Elminate sugar alcohols

Final Thoughts

Poop is a fact of life but, it can be a pleasant experience and doesn’t need to gag you.

Consuming a healthy vegetarian diet full of fiber-rich fruit, vegetables, and legumes as well as drinking enough water can help you have regular bowel movements that are less stinky.

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