What Is A Chicken Pizzola Sub At Subway

What Is A Chicken Pizzola Sub At Subway (Explained)

The Chicken Pizzola Sub at Subway is a blast from the past in many locations but, lucky for Chicken Pizzola fans Subway still has the ingredients on hand for one of these tasty subs.

The Chicken Pizzola Sub from Subway is a roasted chicken sub that includes a flavorful combination of toppings including salami, marinara sauce, and melted cheese all toasted to perfection. In true Subway fashion, you can add all of your favorite toppings like oregano, parmesan cheese, and fresh vegetables.

What Is A Chicken Pizzola Sub At Subway

The Chicken Pizzola sub is a tasty combination of chicken, spicy salami, sauce, and melted cheese.

What Ingredients Are In A Chicken Pizzola Sub

The chicken pizzola sub at Subway contains the following ingredients.

  • Tender Chicken Strips
  • Salami
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Melted Cheese
  • Your choice of vegetables

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Is A Chicken Pizzola Sub The Same As A Chicken Parmesan Sub

The Chicken Pizzola Sub at Subway is a bit different than a Chicken Parmesan Sub.

The Chicken Pizzola includes salami as an ingredient whereas traditional chicken parmesan only has chicken, marinara sauce, and melted cheese.

The chicken in a Chicken Parmesan Sub is usually breaded and fried before being baked with sauce and cheese.

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Does Subway Have A Chicken Parmesan Sub

Subway used to have a chicken parmesan sub back in 2010.

You could make a chicken parmesan sub using the following ingredients, as well as having your sub toasted.

  • White Bread
  • Roasted Chicken
  • Marinara
  • Mozzarella Cheese

Does Subway Still Have The Chicken Pizzola Sub

The majority of Subway restaurants have removed the Chicken Pizzola Sub from their menus.

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Can I Order A Chicken Pizzola Sub At Subway

Chances are the majority of Subway employees will not be familiar with the Chicken Pizzola Sub since it was discontinued in 2010.

What Is A Chicken Pizzola Sub At Subway

How Can I Get A Chicken Pizzola Sub At Subway

Even though this sub is not on the menu, Subway restaurants still carry the ingredients needed to make one.

  1. Start with a grilled chicken sandwich on white bread
  2. Add salami
  3. Add Marinara Sauce
  4. Add White American Cheese Or Mozzarella
  5. Sprinkle Oregano if desired
  6. As for the sub toasted

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Is The Chicken Pizzola Sub On The Menu In Any Country

I have found the Chicken Pizzola Sub on the menu at Subway in Lebanon.

There may be other locations around the world that still showcase this fan favorite.

Is The Chicken Pizzola Sub At Subway Good

There are many fans of the Chicken Pizzola Sub that are always requesting its return to the main menu at Subway.

The classic flavors of chicken with spicy salami, warm marinara sauce, and melted cheese on a toasted sub roll are a great combination.

Final Thoughts

Subway Subs tend to come and go off the menu regardless if they were good or not.

The Chicken Pizzola Sub seems to be one of those that has many fans and is enjoyed by the menu but, has lost its spot in the limelight.

Luckily if you are a fan of this sub sandwich, you can have it made started with a roasted chicken sub adding in all of the ingredients required for the perfect Pizzola.

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