What Is A Long Shot At Starbucks

What Is A Long Shot At Starbucks (Explained)

The majority love coffee and Starbucks but, ordering a coffee at Starbucks can be confusing. What are you getting when you order a long shot at Starbucks?

What Is A Long Shot At Starbucks

A long shot at Starbucks is a brewed shot of espresso with three to four times the amount of water used to brew the shot.

Is A Long Shot Similar To A Shot Of Espresso

A long shot is similar to a shot of espresso but, is also very different since more water is used to brew it.

Many espresso fans are discussed by the watered-down “long shot” version of their favorite espresso.

Does A Starbucks Long Shot Have More Caffeine

A Starbucks long shot will have the same amount of caffeine as a regular shot of espresso but, you will notice that the long shots are weaker in flavor and contain more water for the same amount of caffeine boost.

A long shot contains around 75 mg of caffeine.

Are Long Shots Strong

Long shots are not as strong as a traditional espresso since much more water is used in the process of brewing the shot.

What Is A Long Shot At Starbucks

How Many Ounces Of Water Are In A Long Shot

A long shot contains 1.5 to 2 fluid ounces of water.

How Many Ounces Of Water Are In A Standard Shot Of Espresso

A standard shot of espresso contains 1 fluid ounce of water.

How Much Coffee Is Used For A Long Shot

Seven grams of coffee grounds are used to make a regular or long shot of espresso.

Do Long Shots Take Longer To Make

Since more water is being pulled and brewed through the coffee grounds a long shot does take longer to brew in comparison to a regular espresso shot.

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Is Long Shot The Only Name Used For An Espresso With More Water

Long shot is often the term used to describe a shot of espresso that has been brewed with more water, although it is not the only term used.

Lungo is the Italian translation of the term “Long Shot” and is also used to describe and refer to this coffee drink.

Why Should You Get A Long Shot Over A Regular Coffee

There are a couple of reasons why someone would order a long shot over a regular coffee at Starbucks.

Some people prefer the flavor of an espresso shot to a regular coffee.

Another reason may be the perceived value of getting a shot of espresso with additional water and brewing

Are Long Shots Popular

Long shots are a popular type of espresso shot but, not nearly as popular as a standard shot of espresso.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your favorite type of coffee or espresso Starbucks is guaranteed to deliver.

A long shot is very similar to a shot of espresso but, is brewed with more coffee making it a weaker beverage.

Even though a long shot is weaker than a regular shot of espresso it is still a very strong coffee drink.

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