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Why Do Vegetarians HAve Bad Breath

Why Do Vegetarians Have Bad Breath

You may have heard about vegetarians and vegans having really smelly breath when they stop eating meat, is this true? Vegetarians do not have bad breath in comparison to other diets. There are many reasons why a person may have foul breath besides their diet. A person’s overall lifestyle, hygiene,, […]

why do some vegetarian not eat onions and garlic

Why Do Some Vegetarians Not Eat Onions And Garlic

You may occasionally come across a vegetarian that doesn’t consume onions and garlic and wonder why. Some vegetarians have chosen their diets based upon their religious, spiritual, or cultural beliefs. Within these belief systems, many foods like onions and garlic are often tied to negative feelings, actions and are harmful […]

are vegetarains automatically kosher

Are Vegetarians Automatically Kosher

It can be hard to determine when something is kosher and when it isn’t if someone is eating a vegetarian diet is it automatically kosher? Being vegetarian does not automatically make vegetarian or vegan foods kosher. Although, many vegetarian foods can be easily made kosher if they are produced in […]

How to be a vegetarian in a family of meat eaters

How To Be A Vegetarian In A Family Of Meat Eaters

Being a vegetarian within a family of meat-eaters can be challenging at first but, with dedication, respect, and planning we can co-exist quite happily. Being a vegetarian in a family of meat-eaters doesn’t need to be difficult. With a foundation of respect and planning your family meals ahead, you can […]

does a vegetarians poop smell better

Does A Vegetarians Poop Smell Better

Wouldn’t we all love it if our poop didn’t stink? We can’t avoid it, in order to live healthy lives we need to poop but, is it possible that a vegetarian’s poop smells better? A vegetarian’s poop is likely to smell better when compared to someone who consumes meat. Besides […]

Do vegetarians cheat sometimes

Do Vegetarians Cheat Sometimes

Vegetarians are known for not consuming animal products specifically meat but, do some vegetarians cheat? Whether or not you cheat and sometimes eat meat as a vegetarian will depend on many factors including your beliefs and reasoning for becoming a vegetarian in the first place. Is It Ok To Cheat […]

Why Do Most Vegetarians Quit

Why Do Most Vegetarians Quit

Although we have the best intentions when we decide to become vegetarian, the majority of vegetarians end up quitting within the first year, why? The majority of former vegetarians have gone back to their meat-eating ways due to a combination of many reasons including cost, social situations, health concerns, lack […]

How many veterinarians are vegetarian

How Many Veterinarians Are Vegetarians

We all assume that the majority of Veterinarians would be vegetarians or vegans due to their passion for animals, is that true? The majority of Veterinarians are meat-eaters with only a small percentage of vets that consider themselves vegetarian or vegan. Although, there are only a small amount of Vegetarian […]