Why Do Most Vegetarians Quit

Why Do Most Vegetarians Quit

Although we have the best intentions when we decide to become vegetarian, the majority of vegetarians end up quitting within the first year, why?

The majority of former vegetarians have gone back to their meat-eating ways due to a combination of many reasons including cost, social situations, health concerns, lack of motivation, and boredom.

Why Do People Quit Being Vegetarian

When people have been living a vegetarian lifestyle and decide to go back to consuming animal products there is usually a combination of reasons that influence why they quit being vegetarian.

It’s extremely rare for a vegetarian to have one sole reason for quitting.

What Percentage Of Vegetarians Quit

84% of vegetarians end up quitting their vegetarian diets and go back to eating meat.

When Do People Quit Being Vegetarian

34% of vegetarians quit within the first three months of becoming vegetarians.

53% of vegetarians quit before making it to the one-year mark.

What Are The Top Reasons Why People Quit Being Vegetarians

  1. Not satisfied with the food they are eating
  2. Health
  3. Social Issues
  4. Inconvience
  5. Cost
  6. Lack Of Motivation
  7. Accidental Consumption
  8. Lack Of Support
  9. Meat Cravings
  10. Habits
What percentage of vegetarians quit

Why Are Vegetarians Not Happy With The Food They Eat

New vegetarians can come across many different challenges when it comes to food.

  • Removing meat from previously loved meals leave us feel like we are missing out
  • It takes time to find new vegetarian meals that you enjoy
  • Finding vegetarian friendly restaurants and take-out can be difficult
  • Being vegetarian doesn’t always feel convenient

Why Do Some Vegetarians Quit Due To Health Issues

Not every diet or lifestyle is ideal for every person with vegetarianism included.

Some people do not thrive or feel their best while consuming a vegetarian diet.

It can sometimes be contributed to not eating enough or a well-balanced diet or an underlying health issue.

Why Do Vegetarians Quit Due To Social Issues

Many people that quit being a vegetarian are uncomfortable with sticking out in a crowd and feeling different.

As a vegetarian in a group of meat-eaters, you and your dietary choices are going to end up being a topic of conversation.

Being the center of attention can be uncomfortable especially if people start making “funny” jokes about being a vegetarian or eating meat.

Do Vegetarians Quit Because Of Inconvenience

Living a lifestyle that is outside of the mainstream is more inconvenient.

Depending on where you live and what is available to you being a vegetarian, especially in the beginning can feel extremely inconvenient.

Do Vegetarians Quit Because Its Expensive

Being a vegetarian doesn’t need to be expensive but, in the beginning, when you are just learning it can feel like you need to buy all of the prepared vegetarian foods in order to make life easier.

Specially prepared vegetarian foods are expensive and can be a budget buster.

Do Vegetarians Quit Because They Are Not Motivated

Being a vegetarian is a lifestyle and will be something that you will need to think about at least three times a day when you go to eat a meal.

You need to be extremely motivated to stick to a vegetarian diet.

If you aren’t any moment can derail you.

Do Vegetarians Quit If They Accidentally Eat Meat

It’s going to happen at some point, you are going to eat something that has meat in it.

You can either move on like it never happened or it can trigger you to start consuming meat again.

Do Vegetarians Need Social Support

It can be hard when you feel like you are all alone.

One of the hardest things to do in life is to make a major lifestyle change and not have anyone to lean onto for support.

Do Vegetarians Crave Meat

The smell of bacon even to a veteran vegetarian can be enticing.

As a former meat-eater, you may crave meat, especially if you are new to vegetarianism.

It goes back to the need for motivation and support to keep you from grabbing that bacon.

Are Vegetarian Habits Hard To Form

It takes on average 66 days to make a new habit automatic, it can take at least that amount of time to break old habits.

Becoming a vegetarian is an exercise in breaking and forming habits that affect your everyday lifestyle.

It’s not an easy thing to do.

Why do people quit being vegetarian

What Would An Ex-Vegetarian Need To Become Vegetarian Again

Over a third of vegetarians that quit would consider going back to a vegetarian diet.

Many of the same reasons why vegetarians quit would need to be solved before an ex-vegetarian would consider going back to a vegetarian lifestyle.


Food was the main reason why people quit being vegetarian. The flavor, texture, variety, and convenience are the main issues.

You would need to come up with a plan to combat the issues you had before. Create a menu plan or list of your favorite meals. Keep some quick frozen meals on hand like burritos and pizza.


Finding the motivation and dedication to follow through with a vegetarian diet can be a challenge that you will come across on a daily basis.

Only you will know how motivated you are to commit to a vegetarian lifestyle again. Write down your reasons so you can go back to them when you are feeling less determined.

Social Interactions

It can be difficult being a vegetarian when you attend parties, dinners, and social experiences with non-vegetarians.

Think about how you are going to deal with social interactions in the future that way you will be prepared.

Food Cost

Food cost can be a challenge regardless of the diet you follow.

Make a list of list cost meals and ingredients that you can use often in order to help your grocery budget stretch.


If a health reason was one of the reasons you quit being a vegetarian that health concern would need to be resolved in order to resume a vegetarian diet.

It would be best to speak with your doctor regarding any dietary health concerns.

Would A Vegetarian Community Help

The majority of vegetarians that resort back to consuming meat are not part of a larger vegetarian community.

Being part of a community of people who are living the same lifestyle or following the same diet can help when you are experiencing challenges.

Someone to bounce questions and ideas off of and receive support can help.

Do Former Vegetarians Eat Less Meat

The majority of former vegetarians eat 50% less meat when compared to the average meat eater in the US.

Do Most Vegans Quit

Vegans stick to their lifestyle choice more often than vegetarians do with only 70% of vegans resorting back to a meat-eating lifestyle compared with 84% of vegetarians that quit.

Final Thoughts

The first couple years of transitioning from a meat-eating diet to a vegetarian diet are the most challenging.

Being a vegetarian does become second nature and easier over time.

If you are dedicated to not eating meat and remind yourself of your reasons why when you meet challenges you can do it.

Find your support group, plan meals, try new things and make it fun and enjoyable.

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