how long does it take to get used to being a vegetarian

How Long Does It Take To Get Used To Being A Vegetarian

You may be starting on a new adventure of becoming a vegetarian and wonder how long it will take before you are used to being a vegetarian.

It can take as quick as 66 days up to years to get used to being a vegetarian. The amount of time that it will take you is dependent on a variety of things including your current diet and lifestyle.

When Will I Get Used To Being A Vegetarian

When you first start off on the path of becoming a vegetarian it can seem like a daunting task that will never be easy.

In the beginning, you are thinking about your vegetarian choice each time you have a meal or a snack.

You may wonder, when will being a vegetarian become second nature?

It will differ from person to person when you finally feel like you are used to being a vegetarian.

For me, It took a year or two before I was completely comfortable with being a vegetarian.

Now, It’s not even a thought in my mind on a daily basis and I can easily scan past meat-filled foods without a second thought.

How Long Does It Take To Make Being A Vegetarian A Habit

It takes the average person 66 days to for a habit.

For many, it can take up to 254 days.

Becoming a vegetarian involves many different changes that you will be faced with on a daily basis.

All of those small changes will be breaking habits and be forming new ones.

How long it takes for being a vegetarian to become a habit will depend on how much meat and the variety of vegetarian meals that you are currently consuming.

How Not To Get Bored As A Vegetarian?

How Do You Feel When You Become A Vegetarian

When you become a vegetarian you can expect some mental, emotional, and physical changes.

Mood Changes

As you become a vegetarian you may experience mood changes.

In the beginning, you may experience frustration, anxiety, and fear over the big change that you have made.

Over time, those feelings will fade away and you can expect a boost in mood.

Increased Energy

Improving your diet and removing meat can aid in your digestion and have a positive impact on your energy levels.

It takes a lot of energy for your body to digest meat, making it easier on your digestive system can have positive effects on your life.

Your Palette May Change

As you remove meat and animal products from your diet you can expect your taste buds to change over time.

Foods that you loved before may no longer be as appealing.

You May Sleep Better

Eliminating meat from your diet may help you sleep better.

Just like the effects on your digestive system impact your energy levels it may also make it easier for you to get better quality sleep.

You May Not Have As Many Sugar Crashes

If your vegetarian diet replaces meat with lots of plant-based proteins, fruit, veggies, and legumes you are less likely to experience a harsh blood sugar crash leaving you feeling horrible.

When will I get used to being a vegetarian

How Long Does It Take Your Body To Get Used To Being Vegetarian

Everyone’s body is different and we all live different lifestyles.

How long it takes your body to get used to a vegetarian diet will depend on how drastic of a change you have made in your diet and how your health is, to begin with.

On average, you can expect your body to become used to a vegetarian diet within six weeks.

Are There Any Side Affects To Becoming A Vegetarian

Just like any other diet or lifestyle, there may be side effects to becoming a vegetarian.

Some of the most common negative side effects of becoming a vegetarian are.

Adjustment Period

Some of our bodies may experience a time frame that is similar to detox where your body goes through withdrawals as it adjusts.

You may feel like you are sick for weeks with headaches, fatigue, and irritability.

This can be challenging to overcome but, will be worth it.

Social Pressure

One of the first side effects of becoming a vegetarian that you will experience is the social awkwardness that comes with being a vegetarian.

Depending on the people that you are around you may experience a variety of social situations.

Some people may ask a lot of questions, others will make not so funny jokes, and some declare their love of meat.

Be prepared for how you want to react and respond to these people and situations because they will happen.

Even over ten years later after becoming a vegetarian I still come across these situations.

On a positive note, it gets a lot easier over time, and you become less affected by what others do and say.

Excess Gas

When you change your diet drastically, especially if you increase your fruit, vegetable, and legume intake you are likely to experience an increase in gas.

It may take a small amount of time for your body to adjust and for you to not feel as gasy.

Increased Bloating

Along with the extra gas comes some increased bloating.

The amount of bloat that you will experience will vary from person to person.

Vitamin Defencies

Overall, consuming a vegetarian diet will bring an abundance of vitamins and minerals into your diet as long as you are eating more whole fruits and vegetables.

As a vegetarian, there are a couple of vitamins that you should consider supplementing with.

It is common for vegetarians to become low in B12 and zinc.

How do you feel when you become a vegetarian

How Long Before You Start To See The Affects Of Being Vegetarian

Depending on what your goals are with becoming vegetarian you could see the effects of your vegetarian diet immediately or it could take months.

What Are The Affects On Animal Welfare If I Become Vegetarian

Becoming a vegetarian or vegan immediately impacts the negative treatment of animals.

Removing meat from your diet will reduce the pressure that is put on farmers and ultimately impact the need for farmed animals for food purposes.

Immediately a vegetarian will save on average 100-200 animal lives a year by becoming vegetarian.

What Are The Affects On The Environment If I Become Vegetarian

Becoming a vegetarian will reduce carbon emissions, and pollution to our streams, rivers, and oceans as well as reduce our water usage.

What Are The Affects On My Health If I Become A Vegetarian

The majority of people want to know how fast their health will be impacted if they become vegetarian.

Becoming a vegetarian will improve your health and wellbeing with some notable changes within the first month.

What health improvements can I expect from becoming a vegetarian?

  • Diabetes will be easier to manage
  • More routine bowel movements
  • Lower cholesterol
  • lose of weight
  • Reduced chest pain
  • Change in your taste buds
  • Have more energy
  • Your skin will improve

Final Thoughts

You may feel like you will never get used to being a vegetarian when you first start out.

I felt that way. I felt like I could never look past a meatball sub or hamburger without wanting to resort back to my meat-eating ways.

Now, ten years later, I would never have that thought pop up in my mind. It actually gives me negative thoughts and feelings if I even considered eating meat.

Everyone is different and your experience will be different than my own.

The advice I can give is to stick with it if you feel passionate about it and it will get easier every single day. One day you will wake up and realize that somewhere along the way you got used to being a vegetarian.

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