How long does McDonald's last in the fridge

How Long Is McDonald’s Good In The Fridge (Quick Facts)

While many of us eat our McDonald’s immediately there may be times when we need to save it for later, how long does McDonald’s last in the fridge.

Many McDonald’s foods will last up to four days in the fridge but, there are many items that will no longer have a desirable texture or will need to be reheated in an air fryer, oven, or with components being reheated separately to ensure the best texture and food temperature.

How Long Does Fast Food Last In The Fridge

The majority of foods including fast food like McDonald’s are still safe to eat after two to four days of being stored in the fridge.

How Long Is McDonald’s Fresh For

McDonald’s food is the freshest right after it has been prepared.

The longer you wait to consume McDonald’s food the less fresh it will be.

You should eat your McDonald’s order within an hour for it to be at its best.

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Can You Eat Day Old McDonald’s

You can eat day-old McDonald’s as long as it has been stored properly in a fridge.

Is McDonald’s Good After Six Hours

If your McDonald’s food has not been placed in the fridge within two hours it is no longer safe for consumption.

I would also be cautious if your food has been sitting out for less than two hours in hot conditions.

If your food has been properly stored it can be reheated and eaten after four hours.

The FDA has published guidelines for safe food storage and handling practices.

How Long Is A Big Mac Good In The Fridge

A Big Mac is technically still good in the fridge after a couple of days but, you will start to run into problems with soggy bread and wilted lettuce.

A Big Mac has a combination of gestures and temperatures needed to provide the best eating experience.

You want a warm burger with cool sauce and crispy lettuce.

If your Big Mac has been in the fridge for some time it will be challenging to reheat without reheating all of the toppings as well.

Big Macs are definitely best eaten when they are fresh.

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How Long Do McDonald’s Nuggets Last In The Fridge

Many people love McDonald’s nuggets.

Luckily McDonald’s nuggets hold up very well on the fridge.

You can keep your McDonald’s nuggets in the fridge for up to four days.

I would reheat them by placing them in an air fryer or baking them in the oven.

If your Microwave McDonald’s nuggets they will get rubbery.

How long does McDonald's Last

Can You Eat McDonald’s Nuggets The Next Day

You can eat McDonald’s nuggets the next day as long as they were properly stored in a fridge within two hours of purchase.

Can You Eat McDonald’s French Fries The Next Day

You can eat McDonald’s french fries the next day if they have been refrigerated.

Of course, you will lose a lot of the original texture that the french fries had when you purchased them.

Day-old McDonald’s french fries are soggy and will need to be brought back to life for any enjoyment.

I suggest baking your McDonald’s french fries in the oven to make them crispy again.

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How Long Do McDonald’s French Fries Last

McDonald’s french fries can last up to a couple of days in the fridge.

Obviously, the older the fries get the less flavorful they will be and they will become soggy.

How Long Do McDonald’s Milkshakes Last

McDonald’s milkshakes do not last very long, they are best enjoyed immediately after purchase.

I would not suggest consuming a McDonald’s milkshake after a couple of hours even if it has been refrigerated or frozen.

The texture and flavors are lost the longer the shake sits.

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Can I Drink A McDonald’s Milkshake The Next Day

The milkshakes at McDonald’s contain many fillers, thickeners, and stabilizers that make Mcdonald’s milkshakes not suitable to drink the next day.

I’ve seen a McDonald’s milkshake a day after purchase and it turns into an almost solid, jelly-like substance that is not appetizing at all.

Final Thoughts

Although, most people eat their McDonald’s food right after it is purchased there are times when you may want to need to save some for later.

I hate wasting food even though we do it in our house more often than I would like luckily if you need to save your McDonald’s food for later you can if you store it in your fridge.

There are some foods like milkshakes that are not suitable to save and enjoy later but, McDonald’s French Fries, McNuggets, and some burgers can be reheated and eaten within two to four days.

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