why does KFC make me thirsty

Does KFC Make You Thirsty (Quick Facts)

You’ve settled into a meal at KFC and start to feel extremely thirsty, why is KFC making me thirsty?

Fried fast food like KFC is often very dry and loaded with sodium. These factors often contribute to food making you feel thirsty. In addition to the most common reasons, you may discover that you have been consuming too much protein or are sensitive to the seasoning.

Can KFC Make You Thirsty

KFC can make you thirsty and often will due to a combination of ingredients and cooking methods.

Why Does KFC Make Me Thirsty

There are many reasons why KFC makes you thirsty.

The most common reasons include.

  • Oil
  • Salt/Sodium
  • Seasonings
  • Protein
  • High Meat Consumption
  • Dry Texture

Why Does The Oil In KFC Make Me Thirsty

Fried and oily foods often make you feel thirsty when they are consumed.

Oily foods can make you feel dehydrated which will cause thirst.

You will often find fried foods paired with salt making it a double whammy when it comes to being thirsty.

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Why Does The Sodium In KFC Make Me Thirsty

When you consume a large amount of salt and sodium your body triggers a reaction to remove the excess.

Hypernatremia is the official medical term that is given to this process.

Your kidneys are triggered to remove the excess salt and sodium from your system through urination.

One of the symptoms is thirst, you will need to bring more fluids into your body in order for your kidneys to flush out the excess salt and sodium.

Over time-consuming an excessive amount of salt can have additional effects beyond just thirst.

Those that consume too much salt may end up suffering from kidney failure, fluid retention, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes.

why does KFC make me thirsty

Why Would KFC Seasonings Make Me Thirsty

KFC is famous for its seasoning mix which is known for containing eleven different herbs and spices.

Spice especially like black pepper, paprika, and celery salt will naturally make you thirsty.

Why Would Protein From KFC Make Me Thirsty

One meal at KFC would not cause this problem but, if you are consuming an excessive amount of protein the protein in your food may be making you thirsty.

Nitrogen is found within the amino acids of proteins.

When you eat a large amount of protein your body needs to flush out the excess nitrogen.

Your body needs fluids in order to flush out nitrogen.

If you need more fluid in your body you will become more thirsty.

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Why Would High Meat Consumption Make Me Thirsty

Eating a large amount of meat, especially high-fat meat like fried chicken can have negative health effects over time.

Some of the negative health effects include sweats, tiredness, digestive issues, higher risk of cancers and disease as well as dehydration.

When your body is dehydrated you will feel thirsty.

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Final Thoughts

Eating certain foods can make you thirsty.

Fried foods and those with a lot of salt will often lead to grabbing for a beverage to wash it down.

In some rare cases, your body may be responding to an excess amount of sodium or protein in your diet.

In these rare cases, your condition could lead to something more serious.

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