why do I crave KFC

Why Do I Crave KFC (Explained)

We have all experienced a craving or two but, why do I crave KFC?

Many people often crave salty, fried foods like KFC for a variety of reasons. Your body’s natural instincts can cause you to crave proteins, fat, and nutrient-dense foods like chicken for energy. You may also experience memory, emotional, and lifestyle-based cravings.

What Is Causing Me To Crave KFC

There are many reasons why you may be craving KFC.

The most common reasons why you are craving KFC include.

  • Familiar sights and smells
  • The instinct to crave high-calorie foods
  • Emotions
  • Hormones
  • Being tired
  • Low blood sugar
  • Dehydration
  • Nutrient imbalances

Familiar Sights And Smells Can Trigger Craves

There is something undeniable about seeing a favorite food or smelling it.

Salvia starts to build up in your mouth and you can’t stop thinking about it until you have it.

Once you have foods like KFC that contain MSG, the MSG acts as a flavor enhancer making it taste even better.

Humans Crave High-Calorie Foods

It goes back to our hunting and foraging days but, humans in general naturally craved calorie and energy-dense foods like chicken.

Emotions Often Trigger Cravings

We’ve all experienced emotional cravings for foods, when people are feeling sad, anxious, or stressed it often triggers cravings for certain foods.

The majority of people will crave either sweet or salty foods just like KFC.

Being Tired Can Trigger Cravings

When we are tired is so easy to grab something quick and fast like KFC.

It’s much harder to make good choices when you are already feeling run down.

Fast food and snack foods are often craved when we are tired.

Your Hormones Can Trigger Cravings

Hormones easily influence our moods and food cravings.

Similar to our emotional cravings hormones often send us to sweet or salty foods.

Low Blood Sugar Often Triggers Cravings

When you have low blood sugar your body sends you messages and cravings to help fix the problem. You can experience a variety of cravings with low blood sugar.

Dehydration Causes Cravings

When you are dehydrated you may also feel hungry and experience cravings for some of your favorite foods.

Nutrient Imbalances Can Cause Cravings

If we happen to have a nutrient imbalance, our bodies will crave foods that are filled with those nutrients.

Salt is one of those nutrients, that our bodies often crave but, unfortunately, we have evolved to love the flavor of salt and can easily overdo it.

why do I crave KFC

What Does It Mean When I Crave KFC

If you are craving KFC, especially the fried chicken at KFC you may be craving the protein and fat that is in the chicken.

Making sure that you are consuming a balance of macros and nutrients can help.

In addition, to a protein craving, you may be experiencing an emotional, hormonal, or memory-based craving.

Can You Be Addicted To KFC

It is possible to get addicted to food, including fast foods like KFC.

If you think you may have a food addiction that requires help, I suggest finding an expert to speak to.

Is My Body Lacking Something If I Crave KFC

You may be lacking nutrients if you are craving KFC, especially if you are craving crispy fried chicken.

What Am I Lacking If I Am Craving Chicken

If you are craving chicken you may need protein, fats, and salt.

What Does It Mean If I Crave Fried Foods

If you are craving fried foods you may be craving essential fatty acids like omega 3’s and other healthy fats.

Are Men Or Women More Likely To Crave KFC

Studies have shown that men are more likely to crave salty and fatty foods like KFC.

Women on the other hand are more likely to crave sweet foods like chocolate.

Can You Fight A KFC Craving

Fighting a craving once you have one is extremely challenging, it’s often better to combat the craving and plan ahead before you have it.

Once you have a craving that is very strong having a small piece of the food you are craving can often help.

The challenge is not over indulging.

Tips To Avoid Cravings Like KFC

You can’t always avoid a food craving but, there are things you can do to help.

  • Reducing stress
  • Getting more sleep
  • Not being over hungry
  • Staying hydrated

Reduce Your Stress

Stress-related cravings are often the worst and can lead to obesity.

Reducing the stress in your life can not only reduce your food savings but, improve your overall health and wellness.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is so important but, getting more quality sleep can be challenging.

Make a point to try to get the sleep your body needs.

Avoid Being Hungry

In most cases, we can avoid being hungry if we plan ahead and make sure that we have healthy snacks available when we need them.

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you are hydrated and drinking enough water.

Final Thoughts

We all have food cravings from time to time and they can be hard to control.

Whenever you have a food craving, step back and try to figure out why.

It may be possible to make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle to reduce the number of carvings you have.

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