why doesn't kfc taste like it used to

Why Doesn’t KFC Taste Like It Used To (Quick Facts)

We all know what it is like to sink our teeth into a favorite nostalgic food only, to discover that it doesn’t taste like it used to, why doesn’t KFC taste like it used to?

Throughout the years, Colonel Sanders himself voiced his opinion on the negative changes he noticed at KFC. KFC is not what it used to be due to a variety of reasons including changes in recipes, ingredients, and cooking methods.

Why Isn’t KFC As Good As It Used To Be

There are many reasons why KFC may not be as good as it used to be including the following.

  • Recipe changes
  • Frying oil changes
  • Chicken bringing
  • Changes in cooking methods
  • Changes in cooking machinery

Has The KFC Recipe Changes

The classic KFC recipe for its fried chicken has changed throughout the years.

Some of the KFC chicken recipe changes include.

  • The addition of brining the Original Recipe Chicken in the 1980s
  • Less salt than previous recipes
  • Smaller amounts of the 11 herbs and spices
  • Changes to the oils used
  • Addition of MSG

Did KFC Change Their Original Recipe

The original recipe chicken at KFC has changed over time.

Some of changes have occurred to the ingredients used in the batter and other changes have occurred with the cooking methods and the equipment used to prepare the classic fried chicken.

Why Is KFC Not Crispy

There are many methods for making fried chicken that helps improve its crispy texture.

Some say leaving the created chicken to rest before frying can assist in extra crispiness.

At KFC the breaded chicken often goes directly to the fryer and then it may sit in a warmer where it can become soggier.

If you are not receiving freshly fried chicken there is a chance it will be not as crispy as it could’ve been.

Has The Fryer Oil At KFC Changed

The type of oil that is used in the fryers at KFC has changed numerous times over the years.

Originally lard was used to deep fry the famous chicken.

In recent years, there has been a transition towards “healthier” oils leading companies like KFC to test out different oils.

This may be one of the leading reasons why KFC fried chicken doesn’t taste like it used to.

Why doesn't KFC taste like it used to

Did KFC Change Their Gravy

The original gravy recipe provided by Colonel Sanders is no longer being used.

Through the years the recipe has changed to include MSG in addition to beef broth.

Did KFC Change Their Biscuits

The biscuit recipe at KFC has changed throughout the years to incorporate more cost-effective ingredients.

Did KFC Change Their Coleslaw

KFC has changed its coleslaw recipe throughout the years.

In Canada, coleslaw used to be a distinct green color, it has since been changed to the homestyle coleslaw most of us are familiar with.

Did KFC Change Their Sauce

In 2020, KFC revamped its special sauce recipe and unveiled a completely new sauce.

Why Did KFC Change Their Sauce

The changes made to the KFC sauce were based on the preferences of its customers.

It was time for a new sauce.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, as time goes on and there are cheaper ingredients available and different cooking methods that can change classic recipes.

In some cases, it’s for the better and in others, it is not.

KFC has changed its recipes and methods throughout the years making the product sold today very different than the original.

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