Are Dill Pickles Vegan

Are Dill Pickles Vegan (Quick Facts)

Dill Pickles are a favorite of many whether they are used as condiments are enjoyed as a snack all by themselves but, are dill pickles safe for vegans?

Pickles appear vegan from an untrained eye but, there are questionable ingredients hiding in many popular mass manufactured pickle brands. Some food colors are unethically tested on animals and other ingredients can be sourced from animals or vegetables without it being clearly noted on the label.

Can You Eat Dill Pickles If You Are Vegan

Luckily, the majority of dill pickles available are free of animal products and ingredients that may cause concern for vegans making dill pickles a tart and tasty vegan food.

Why Wouldn’t Dill Pickles Be Vegan

There are two main ingredients that can be found in dill pickles that most would not consider vegan.

  • Processed food coloring yellow #5
  • Polysorbates

Why Is Yellow Number 5 In Dill Pickles Not Vegan

Dill pickles often contain some sort of ingredient that is used to preserve the color of the pickles before they are eaten.

You can find a variety of food coloring that ranges from natural turmeric to completely processed and concerning yellow #5.

Yellow # 5 doesn’t contain animal ingredients but, it is often tested on rats that are mistreated and killed for the sake of testing this food coloring.

The majority of vegans are opposed to this animal cruelty and would avoid any products that contain yellow #5.

Why Is Polysorbate Not Vegan

Polysorbate is often used in products as an emulsifier or surfactant.

Polysorbates can be sourced from vegetable fats or animal fats but, are not labeled either way when included as an ingredient in a product.

You usually have no way of knowing if the polysorbates contain animal products or not.

Polysorbates can be listed with many different numbers including 80, 60, and 65.

Most vegans will avoid products that contain polysorbates.

What Brands Of Dill Pickles Are Vegan

  • Bubbies Pickles
  • Grillo’s
  • The Real Dill
  • McClure’s
  • Wickles
Are Dill Pickles Vegan

Can You Eat Dill Pickles If You Are Vegetarian

The majority of vegetarians would consider all dill pickles as a vegetarian-friendly food.

There are some vegetarians that are more focused on animal cruelty and may avoid some products over others.

Can You Eat Dill Pickles On A Plant-Based Diet

Dill Pickles are a great option for those who enjoy a plant-based diet.

Those on a plant-based diet are more likely to choose pickles like the Bubbies Brand that have been naturally fermented and do not contain any preservatives.

Are Mt Olive Pickles Vegan

Mt. Olive Pickles are not vegan-friendly since they contain both questionable ingredients yellow #5 and polysorbate 80.

Are Vlasic Pickles Vegan

Although Vlasic uses Turmeric to color their pickles instead of the questionable yellow number 5, you will find polysorbate 80 in all of their pickles making Vlasic pickles, not a vegan option for many.

Are Bubbies Pickles Vegan

Bubbies Pickles are completely vegan and are naturally fermented giving them all of the extra goodness that you will receive when eating fermented foods.

Since these pickles are natural and do not contain preservatives you will need to seek them out in the refrigerated section of your grocery store instead of the classic pickle aisle.

Are Grillos Pickles Vegan

Grillos is a company that has been making pickles for over 100 years and prides itself on making a fresh and delicious product for consumers to enjoy.

Luckily Grillos Pickles are vegan-friendly.

Like Bubbies Pickles, you will find Grillos in the refrigerated section of your grocery store.

Are Claussen Pickles Vegan

Claussen Pickles contain Polysorbate 80 making them not a vegan-friendly pickle.

Are Heinz Pickles Vegan

Heinz pickles are not vegan since they contain both yellow 5 and polysorbate 80.

Are The Real Dill Pickles Vegan

These pickles remind me of the ones my grandmother used to make, classic pickles that are make with 100% real ingredients.

The Real Dill pickles are also 100% vegan.

Are McClure’s Pickles Vegan

McClure’s is another all natural pickle brand that you can count on being vegan.

You can find McClure’s at your local Kroger, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Cost Plus and Meijer.

Are Wickles Pickles Vegan

Wickles pickles come in on fo the most fun looking packages including label with a dancing pickle.

Luckily, Wickles pickles are vegan-friendly.

Final Thoughts

Some foods can be tricky and automatically appear as a vegan food, pickles are one of them.

Two ingredients that are often found in commercially manufactured pickles are often not vegan-friendly.

You may find food coloring yellow #5 which is often tested on rats and polysorbate which is from either animal fat or vegetable fats.

If you are a pickle lover I suggest heading towards the refiderated section and look for some naturally made pickles that will not contain questionable ingredients and be better for you overall, they also taste so much better.

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