Can Vegans Eat Animal Crackers

Can Vegans Eat Animal Crackers

At first, I thought this was a silly topic to write about and would enjoy a laugh while putting together the article. As dug deeper it really made me think about why a person would not want to eat or support a certain type of food. So here it is, Can vegans eat animal crackers?

Vegans can eat animal crackers as long as the ingredients are vegan-friendly. That said, many vegans will not eat animal crackers or any foods in the shape of animals due to the images and encouragement of animal exploitation.

Can Vegans Eat Animal Crackers

There are two main directions that we need to go in to determine if a vegan would eat animal crackers.

The first one would be if there are any non-vegan-friendly ingredients in the animal crackers that would keep a vegan from snacking on a box.

The second concern involves the ethical point of view. Would a vegan eat an animal shaped cracker?

Are The Ingredients In Animal Crackers Vegan

Not all of the ingredients in animal crackers are vegan. There are some brands of animal crackers like Keebler that contain dairy products.

You must look at the list of ingredients to know for sure.

Would A Vegan Not Eat Animal Crackers For Ethical Reasons

Even with vegan animal cracker options, eating animal-shaped food may go against someone’s ethical views towards animals and animal cruelty.

What brands of animal crackers are vegan

What Are The Ingredients In Animal Crackers

Let’s look at the common ingredients found in animal crackers. Some of these ingredients can be considered questionable as far as health is concerned.

Enriched Flour

Enriched flour is a pretty standard ingredient for processed foods and baked goods.


Sugar is also a standard ingredient found in processed foods. The concern to consider with sugar is that unless the sugar is organic it can be genetically modified and heavily sprayed with pesticides.

Soybean or Canola Oil

Both of these oils are not great for your health and can be genetically modified and heavily sprayed.

Yellow Corn Flour

Same bat time and same bat channel. GMO and heavily sprayed with pesticides.

Soy Lethicin

Another sketchy soy by product.

Natural Flavors And Artificial Flavors

Your guess is as good as mine as to what this means. They are umbrella terms that can cover a wide variety of additives.

What Brands Of Animal Crackers Are Vegan

To make it easy for you the next time you want some classic animal crackers. Here are some vegan-friendly animal cracker brands.

  • The Classic Barnum’s Animal Crackers
  • Trader Joe’s Animal Crackers
  • Costcos’ Animal Crackers (Kirkland store brand)
  • Annies Organic Animal Crackers

Do Some Vegans Not Eat Animal Shaped Foods

There are vegans that will not consume any foods in the shape of animals.

To those that follow this guideline they feel that animal shaped foods encourage the exploitation of animals.

Some animal shaped foods that are avoided are.

  • Swedish fish candy
  • Bunny shaped cookies
  • Animal crackers
Are the ingredients in animal crackers vegan

Did Nabisco Update Their Animal Cracker Packaging

It’s true, in 2018 Nabisco changing the packaging on their classic Barnhums Animal Crackers freeing the animals from behind the bars.

The change in the packaging was sparked due to a letter received by PETA stating the packaging which pictures animals behind bars in cages at a circus was encouraging the exploitation of animals.

Why Would Vegans Be Against Eating Animal Crackers

Veganism is a true life style that shows dedication to the the ethical treatment of animals.

Vegans do not consume any animal products or use any products that were created using harmful treatment or death to an animal.

Animal crackers symbolize a circus full of animals. The circus has been known for inhumane treatment of animals and animal abuse.

Why Are Animal Crackers Not Called Animal Cookies

Animal crackers are called crackers beacuse they are made with a layered dough that is docked. This style dough is found in cracker baking. The same method is used to make graham crackers.

Both animal crackers and graham crackers can seem like cookies beacuse they have a decent amount of sugar added giving them a sweet flavor.

Final Thoughts

Regardless if you are pro animal cracker or anti animal crackers we can agree that as a child seeing that unique box the with the string handle was exciting.

Some animal crackers are not vegan friendly due to dairy products in the ingredients.

There are many vegan friendly animal crackers but, some people will still obstain from consuming a product that exploits animals.

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