Can KFC buckets be recycled

Can KFC Buckets Be Recycled (Quick Facts)

With fast food restaurants using an abundance of paper and plastic containers we often wonder if containers like KFC Buckets can be recycled.

Depending on where you live and what your KFC bucket is made from it may be recyclable. Some KFC buckets are made from materials like bamboo, corn, and sugarcane, whereas others are made from paper fibers.

Can The Chicken Buckets At KFC Be Recycled

In many locations, KFC chicken buckets can be recycled but, some places are very strict about recycling products that have food on them.

You will need to confirm what your KFC bucket is made from (it can be different materials) and check with your local waste management location for confirmation.

Where I live, we can not recycle anything that has food on it like chicken buckets or pizza boxes.

What Are KFC Buckets Made Of

The chicken buskets at KFC can be made from a variety of materials depending on where you live.

The classic chicken buckets that we all know are made from paper pulp.

In some areas like Canada, the buckets are made from sustainable bamboo.

In other countries, you may discover the “paper” products at KFC made from the following.

  • Corn fibers
  • Sugarcane fibers

Is KFC Focused On Using Recycled Materials

In recent years, KFC has gotten a lot of negative attention when it comes to its forestry and farming practices.

It seems that in past years there hasn’t been a focus on sustainability and humane treatments.

Why Do I Crave KFC?

What Is KFC Doing About Sustainable Paper Products

KFC has claimed that they are dedicated to the planet and transitioning to 100 percent plant-based fiber packaging that is certified or recycled.

By 2025, KFC claims to have 100% of the restaurant’s plastic-based packaging recoverable or reusable.

Can KFC Buckets Be Recycled

What Does The Future Look Like For KFC Packaging

The future looks bright, in places like Singapore KFC is testing packaging made from corn and sugarcane that can be composted and turned into agricultural fertilizer within 24 hours.

How Much Is A KFC Bucket?

What Are The Straws At KFC Made Of

In 2019, KFC made the decision to replace all of the plastic straws in its restaurants with paper.

What Are The Cups At KFC Made Of

In most locations, the cups at KFC are made from paper fibers.

What Are KFC Napkins Made From

The napkins at KFC at made from mostly recycled paper.

What Is In A Standard Bucket Of Chicken?

Can You Receipt At KFC Be Used As A Napkin

It sounds crazy but, in the Middle East KFC has found a way to print the receipts, bags, and tray liners on paper that can double as a napkin reducing paper waste.

Final Thoughts

Paper products that are used to hold food can be a confusing grey area when it comes to recycling.

Each and every location has different rules, restrictions, and recycling capabilities.

You will need to check with your local waste management company whether something like KFC buckets can be recycled.

In the future, the majority of our food containers should be completely sustainable and made from recycled materials or those that can be recycled.

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