Is butter vegan

Can Vegans And Vegetarians Eat Butter (Quick Facts)

We all love creamy butter whether it’s on bread, pasta, or in our favorite baked goods but, can vegans and vegetarians eat butter? Vegans can not eat traditional butter since it is sourced from animals. Some vegetarians may still enjoy regular butter and some may not depending on their diet […]

Do vegetarian eggs taste different

Do Vegetarian Eggs Taste Different (Quick Facts)

We’ve all seen vegetarian eggs at the grocery store but, do they actually taste any different than regular eggs? Are vegetarian eggs better than regular eggs? Vegetarian eggs come from chickens that have been fed a completely vegetarian diet. Their diet is made from a variety of grains, fillers, and […]

do vegetarians eat chicken

Can Vegetarians Eat Chicken (Explained)

You eat chicken, right? Can vegetarians eat chicken? For the most part, vegetarians will not eat the flesh of animals including chickens. You may find some that still consume chicken or that are not true vegetarians that consume more of a plant-based or flex diet that limits meat products. Do […]

Are jet puffed marshmallows vegan

Can Vegetarians And Vegans Eat Jet-Puffed (Quick Facts)

Jet-Puffed marshmallows are one of the most popular brands of marshmallows but, are they vegetarian and vegan-friendly? The majority of marshmallows including those made by the Jet-Puffed Brand are not vegetarian or vegan since they contain ingredients that are animal-derived. Luckily, there are other marshmallows that do not contain animal […]

do rice krispies contain pork

Do Rice Krispies Have Pork In Them (Quick Facts)

It may sound like an urban myth but, there are some cereals that contain pork and other animal products, is Rice Krispies one of them. Does Rice Krispies contain pork? Classic Rice Krispies currently do not contain pork or other animal products but, there have been recent flavors that contained […]

Why can't vegetarians eat gelatin

Can Vegetarians Eat Gelatin (Explained)

Gelatin is used in many food products often hidden where you least expect it but, does gelatin come from animals and can vegetarians eat gelatin? Gelatin is a by-product of the meat industry that is made with the bones, ligaments, tendons, and skin of cows, pigs, and sometimes fish. You […]

Is Your Super Legit

Is Your Super Legit (Quick Facts)

Your Super is a superfood powder company that ships customer blended power directly to your house but, is Your Super legit? Your Super is a legit company that is passionate about the products they create and the impact that they have on others. Sourcing only high-quality ingredients directly from the […]