Are jet puffed marshmallows vegan
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Can Vegetarians And Vegans Eat Jet-Puffed (Quick Facts)

Jet-Puffed marshmallows are one of the most popular brands of marshmallows but, are they vegetarian and vegan-friendly? The majority of marshmallows including those made by the Jet-Puffed Brand are not vegetarian or vegan since they contain ingredients that are animal-derived. Luckily, there are other marshmallows that do not contain animal products and are safe for […]

Can You be a vegetarian without eating beans
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Can You Be A Vegetarian Without Eating Beans (Quick Facts)

Vegetarians don’t eat meat and often replace it with beans but, can I be a vegetarian without eating beans? You can be a vegetarian without eating beans as long are you are eating a well-rounded diet that includes lots of protein, vitamins, and nutrients often found in other foods like nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables […]