Do vegetarians age faster

Do Vegetarians Age Faster (Explained)

Your diet can have positive and negative effects on your body and looks but, does being a vegetarian or vegan make you age faster?

Eating a vegetarian diet won’t make you age faster but, it can contribute to a slower process of aging and a longer life span in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and good genetics.

Does Eating A Vegetarian Diet Make You Age Faster

There are many lifestyle choices that we can make that will make us age faster like smoking and overexposure to the sun.

Your diet is extremely important and connected to your overall health and well-being making many wonders if certain diets make you age faster or slower.

Following a vegetarian diet does not make you age faster than if you ate meat and animal products.

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Do Vegetarians Age Slower

Aging is caused by the breakdown of cells and the inability of new cells to regenerate as well and as fast.

The entire process of aging is multifaceted including biological, physiological, environmental, psychological, behavioral, and social.

We can’t stop aging but, we may be able to slow down the process.

Being a vegetarian and diet alone is really only one factor when you look at the big picture of human life.

The best proof we have is a group of people that live a mostly plant-based diet called the Seventh Day Evangelists.

This group of vegetarians has been included in many studies with proof showing the average Seventh Day Evangelist living around six years longer than the average person.

An interesting watch on aging and the science of how to slow down the again process is an Episode of the show Explained on Netflix called “Can We Live Forever?”

Why Do Vegetarians Look Younger

Not every vegetarian will “look younger” when compared to a meat-eater.

I think we often notice the appearance of vegetarians and vegans because once you find out about their diets you automatically assume they live a healthier lifestyle.

This is often true in many cases (not everyone, there are plenty of junk food vegetarians and vegans out there).

Many vegetarians and vegans also view exercise as an important part of your life as well as reducing toxins in the food, products, and environment that we live in.

All of these things can contribute to someone looking younger but, so can good sleep, happiness, and good genetics.

Not all is lost if you aren’t a vegetarian and being a vegetarian isn’t the only answer but, it can help towards your goal of looking younger and how you age.

Do Vegetarians Have Better Skin

Vegetarians may have better skin when compared to many non-vegetarians but, this depends on your entire diet, lifestyle, and genetics.

Even if you eat meat and drink a lot of water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, take care of your skin by using toxin-free products and limit your sun exposure you can have great skin.

Those who eat lots of processed foods, drink a lot of alcohol, and expose their skin to toxins and harmful rays from the sun are more likely to have bad skin.

Genetics also plays a role in how your skin looks.

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Do Vegetarians Lack Collagen

Vegetarians and vegans will obviously lack the consumption of animal collagen in their diets.

As we age we lose collagen in our skin and it starts to show its age.

Recently the fad has been to supplement collagen in our diets to get healthy and pretty skin.

Both vegetarians and vegans are left wondering what they should do if they are concerned about collagen.

Luckily there are many vegan collagen substitutes on the market that can help make up for the lack of animal collagen consumption.

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Why Do Vegans Look So Old

Some people may have the opposite impression of vegans and think they look old or are again faster than non-vegans.

There are a couple of things that could be causing this thought to occur.

Some vegans may not be getting all of the nutrients they need to be completely healthy which can cause a person to look older.

Vegans tend to be thinner than meat-eaters. The downfall of not having a few extra pounds on is that you don’t have any fat helping to fill out your wrinkles making your wrinkle more obvious.

It can also just be an opinion that people have on vegans and their diet.

Vegans overall will not age and look older than non-vegans.

do vegans age faster

Why Do Vegans Look So Ill

Some vegans may actually be ill but, for others, it may be just an assumption that people are making about others.

Final Thoughts

Your diet can contribute to how you age and feel overall but, it is only one part of the big picture.

Your entire lifestyle and genetics also play a big part in how fast you age and what your appearance is when you age.

Studies have shown that those who eat a plant-based diet will often live longer lives than those that don’t.

One can assume that since you are living longer your appearance and the rate you age may seem slower than others.

It’s completely individual but, in most cases you are better off eating plant-based diet full of lots of nutrients and antioxidents.

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