Does KFC Have Grilled Chicken

Does KFC Have Grilled Chicken (Quick Facts)

KFC has offered many chicken products throughout the years from favorites like chicken little sandwiches and grilled chicken but, does KFC still offer grilled chicken?

Grilled chicken is no longer on the main menu at every KFC location. Grilled chicken used to be offered nationwide but, was removed shortly after launching due to lackluster sales and the shelf life of the grilled product. From time to time, you will discover grilled chicken at KFC for a limited time only.

Does KFC Still Have Grilled Chicken

KFC no longer offers grilled chicken in all of its locations.

You may discover grilled chicken being available at select locations for limited-time promotions.

Where Can I Get Grilled Chicken At KFC

You will need to check your local KFC locations from time to time to see if they are offering any promotions that include grilled chicken.

How Can I Find A KFC That Sells Grilled Chicken

The best way to find out if a KFC location has grilled chicken is to check the menu on the website or app.

Another way to be informed about the limited-time offerings and new products is to follow KFC on social media.

When Did KFC Start Selling Grilled Chicken

KFC first introduced grilled chicken to its menus in the early 90s but, didn’t expand into a full franchise launch until 2009.

Grilled chicken was first introduced as a healthier option to traditional fried chicken with less fat and calories.

The initial launch of grilled chicken at KFC did have mixed reviews from its customers.

When Did KFC Stop Selling Grilled Chicken

KFC stopped selling grilled chicken in all of its restaurants around 2011.

Unfortunately, the availability of grilled chicken at KFC only lasted around two years.

Why Did KFC Stop Selling Grilled Chicken

It’s as simple as the grilled chicken didn’t sell as well as they had hoped.

The grilled chicken ended up sitting around and getting dry.

This resulted in a lot of food waste which, didn’t make sense for KFC.

Does KFC have Grilled Chicken

Will KFC Bring Back Grilled Chicken

At this time, KFC offers grilled chicken in limited promotions.

Due, to the past history with grilled chicken and the food waste that was involved I don’t see grilled chicken making it to the permanent menu at all KFC locations.

Grilled chicken is better as a special promotion or as a regional favorite.

How Is The Grilled Chicken Cooked At KFC

Instead of being deep-fried, KFC has cut down on the fat and calories by oven-roasting the chicken instead for the grilled chicken items.

Is KFC Grilled Chicken Seasoned With The Same Herbs And Spices

Although the grilled chicken at KFC is not battered and fried like the original and extra crispy chicken, the grilled chicken does have the same famous 11 herbs and spices.

What Is Kentucky Grilled Chicken At KFC

The Kentucky Grilled Chicken at KFC is marinated and seasoned with a blend of six secret herbs and spices.

Instead of being fried, the chicken is slow-grilled.

Is KFC Smokey Red Chicken Grilled

The Smokey Red Chicken that is sometimes offered at KFC is grilled.

Does KFC Have Baked Chicken

KFC uses special ovens to slowly grill it’s its grilled chicken., this is not the same as baked chicken but, is similar in the sense that it is cooked slowly without the use of frying oil.

Final Thoughts

Some may love the grilled chicken at KFC whereas others just want the classic fried chicken that KFC is known for.

Offering grilled chicken in the 1990s and early 2000s offered customers a trending product that was “healthier” and lower in fat and calories.

Unfortunately, for KFC and grilled chicken lovers, the grilled chicken did not sell as well as they had wished and also didn’t stay fresh nearly as long as the breaded and fried chicken.

Within, two years grilled chicken was removed from the main menu at KFC.

Since there are still many grilled chicken fans you will discover grilled chicken products being offered at KFC during limited promotions.

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