Why Does KFC HAve Extra Crispy And Original Chicken

Why Does KFC Have Extra Crispy Chicken And Regular

For a new KFC customer, the availability of Extra Crispy and Original Fried Chicken may be confusing, why does KFC have Extra Crispy Chicken and Regular Fried Chicken?

Why Does KFC Have Both Extra Crispy And Regular Chicken

KFC offers both a classic Original Fried Kitchen Plus an Extra Crispy version that was developed many years after the Original become famous.

The Colonel added Extra Crispy Chicken to the menu as a way of offering its customers a variety of products with different flavors and textures.

To this day both the Extra Crispy and The Original are extremely popular.

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What Is The Difference Between Extra Crispy And Regular Chicken

There are many differences between the Extra Crispy Chicken at KFC and the regular Original Recipe.

  • Texture
  • Taste
  • Cooking Methods
  • Herb & Spice Mix
  • Appearance

The Extra Cripsy Chicken at KFC is made with a completely different batter recipe and cooking process compared to the Original Recipe.

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Has KFC Always Had Extra Crispy And Regular Chicken

KFC has not always had the Extra Crispy Chicken on its menu, although it has been around for a very long time it wasn’t introduced until the 1970s.

Colonel Sanders started selling his famous original chicken recipe at his restaurant during the Great Depression in the 1940s.

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When Was Extra Crispy Chicken Introduced At KFC

Extra Crispy chicken was first introduced in the 1970s.

How Is Extra Crispy Chicken At KFC Made

Extra Crispy Chicken is double breaded with a unique mix of herbs and spices and is open-air fried to perfection.

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How Is Original Recipe Chicken Made At KFC

The Original Recipe Chicken at KFC is made with its top secret blend of eleven herbs and spices, it is then pressure fried in a unique method developed by Colonel Sanders.

Why Does KFC Have Extra Crispy And Regular Chicken

Which Is More Popular Extra Crispy Or Regular Chicken At KFC

Many people argue over which chicken is the best Extra Crispy or The Original.

Overall most KFC fans are true to the Original Recipe preferring it over the Extra Crispy.

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Does KFC Still Make Extra Crispy Chicken

KFC still makes its ever-popular Extra Crispy Chicken recipe.

Is Extra Crispy Chicken Good

Before I became a vegetarian, I was an Extra Crispy Chicken fan.

I always enjoyed the crispy breading the most, I guess I should’ve known that I wasn’t a fan of meat, to begin with.

The Extra Crispy Chicken is good but, so is the original recipe. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

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Is Extra Crispy Chicken Just Leftover Chicken That Is Refried

There are some rumors that the Extra Crispy Chicken at KFC is just leftover chicken from the day before that is refried.

This is not true, the Extra Crispy Chicken at KFC is made from its own unique recipe batter and frying process.

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Final Thoughts

Are you an Extra Crispy Person or are you true to The Original?

Regardless both fried chicken options at KFC remain extremely popular giving them both a permanent spot on the menu and in fried chicken lovers’ hearts.

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