Does KFC have popcorn chicken

Does KFC Have Popcorn Chicken (Quick Facts)

Crispy little morsels of chicken, ready to dip in your favorite sauce have always been a popular item at KFC but, does KFC still have Popcorn Chicken?

The availability of popcorn chicken at KFC has fluctuated throughout the years after its first introduction in 1992. In addition to the inconsistent availability, the recipe for classic popcorn chicken has changed with the most recent introduction of Popcorn Nuggets in 2015.

Does KFC Still Have Popcorn Chicken

KFC has periodically offered Popcorn Chicken over the years, currently, you will discover that KFC has Popcorn Nuggets.

Are KFC Popcorn Nuggets The Same As Popcorn Chicken

The Popcorn Nuggets that are currently available at KFC are not the same as the original Popcorn Chicken that was offered at KFC.

Where Can I Get Popcorn Chicken At KFC

The popcorn chicken meal at KFC is currently available at all KFC locations.

It is possible to find a restaurant that is experiencing supply issues and does not offer popcorn chicken at any given time.

How Can I Find A KFC That Sells Popcorn Chicken

You can use the store locator found on the KFC App or website.

Once you have found a restaurant near you, you can view the menu to confirm if popcorn chicken is available.

When Did KFC Start Selling Popcorn Chicken

Popcorn chicken was first introduced at KFC in March 1992.

Popcorn Chicken was invented by food technologist Gene Gaglardi.

When Did KFC Stop Selling Popcorn Chicken

The availability of popcorn chicken at KFC has come and gone throughout the years.

The first launch was in 1992 with the second launch in 1998.

A third launch of the product occurred in 2001.

A complete overall of KFC Popcorn Chicken was introduced in 2015 with a new name, the newly reformulated product that is now being called Popcorn Nuggets.

Will KFC Bring Back Popcorn Chicken

Many people loved the original popcorn chicken and claim the new recipe is not nearly as good as the original.

The recipe for Popcorn Chicken and the methods to prepare it have changed through the years.

The chicken pieces used to be breaded and fried in the store but, this was challenging and made a mess.

In recent years, KFC has switched to a popcorn chicken product that arrives at the stores prebreaded.

Chances are, KFC will stick with what is easier and more efficient to produce.

Does KFC have popcorn chicken

Did KFC Change The Popcorn Chicken Recipe

KFC has changed the recipe for its popular Popcorn Chicken since it was first introduced in 1992.

It’s quite possible that the recipe for popcorn chicken has changed numerous times.

When Did KFC Change The Popcorn Chicken Recipe

Most recently, the recipe for Popcorn Chicken at KFC has changed in 2015 when the product was reintroduced as Popcorn Nuggets.

When Did KFC Bring Back Popcorn Chicken

KFC brought back a version of Popcorn Chicken in 2015.

How Much Is The News Popcorn Chicken At KFC

Popcorn Nuggets come as a combo meal that includes your choice of one side dish, a biscuit, a medium drink, and dipping sauces for $7.99.

Final Thoughts

Many people love the popcorn chicken KFC.

Unfortunately, the availability and recipe consistency has changed often leaving customer unsure if Popcorn Chicken is even available.

Currently, KFC offers Popcorn Nuggets in a meal with a tasty biscuit, side dish, and drink.

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