why do people get angry when someone is a vegetarian

Why Do People Get Angry When Someone Is A Vegetarian

Sometime vegetarians are met with anger or frustration when someone finds out they are a vegetarian. Why would people feel anger towards vegetarians?

There are many reasons why someone may feel anger towards a vegetarian. It may be a preconceived notion about the persons personally and lifestyle, the inconvenience a vegetarian brings to their life or their own feelings toward meat consumption.

Why Do Vegetarians Make People Angry

There are many reasons why people get angry towards vegetarians.

Some of the reasons are true where others are often a perception.

  • Planning meals with vegetarians can be hard
  • Vegetarians have choosen a lifestyle that’s different and based on their beliefs
  • Vegetarians are annoying
  • Vegetarians are pushy
  • Vegetarians are high maintenance
  • Vegetarians are self-rightous
  • Vegetarians pass judgement on meat-eaters
  • Vegetarians are hypocrites
  • Vegetarians are not normal
  • Vegetarians are mean
  • Different upbringings or life experiances
  • Meat-eaters feel guilty
  • Meat-eaters are envious

Is It Hard To Plan For Vegetarian Guests

It can be difficult and frustrating for some people when they are planning a party, holiday, or dinner that includes vegetarian guests.

As a non-vegetarian, it is not always easy knowing what to serve vegetarians.

The planning process of hosting an event for guests already increases the level of stress and work that the host has to do without throwing in the curveball of dietary differences.

Vegetarianism Is A Lifestyle

Being a Vegetarian or a Vegan is usually a lifestyle choice that is connected to a persons beliefs.

An image of a vegetarian has often been developed by society as an up tight, difficult, vocal, hipster, crunchy granola, tree hugging pain in the butt.

If you’ve happened to come across any vegetarians that fit into this mold it may make it even harder to have an open mind towards other vegetarians.

Do People Often Find Those That Are Different Annoying

As humans, we sometimes have a hard time dealing with and accepting those that are different than us.

Since vegetarians are paying attention to what they are eating it becomes a topic of conversation when a meal is being planned or enjoyed.

Some may find it annoying to hear about others dietary preferences when they are different than theirs.

This can happen when anyone has a different diet than someone else.

are vegetarians difficult

Are Vegetarians Pushy

Some people feel like vegetarians are pushy people and that they are trying to get up on their soapbox and push vegetarianism on the rest of the world.

Of course, there are some of those people but, others are just trying to live their lives.

Are Vegetarians High Maintenance

Vegetarians may give the impression that they are high maintenance.

I’ve been there, you start to select a restaurant for a meal with a friend or family member and you have to shoot down some of the ideas due to there not being enough vegetarian options that you can eat.

It can come off as being high maintenance. Unfortunately, not every restaurant or meal is suitable for all diets.

Are Vegetarians Self-Rightous

The reasons behind why a person is a vegetarian can often come across as the person being self-rightous.

Not consuming animals for ethical, dietery or environmental reasons seems like a accusation towards others when in most cases its just our own personal beliefs and choices.

Do Vegetarians Pass Judgement On To Meat-Eaters

Many people may feel like a vegetarian is judging them for their choice of consuming meat.

The majority of vegetarians do not judge others for what they eat.

Are Vegetarians Hypocrites

Some people may feel like vegetarians are hypocrites for eating meat substitutes that look and taste like real meat.

It can be confusing when vegetarians enjoy the look, texture and flavors or meat but, choose not to consume meat.

It can be easy to get frustrated when you don’t understand why someone is doing or not doing something.

Are Vegetarians Normal

There is a stereotype of the typical American that eats meat and potatoes, anyone that falls outside of what is considered “normal” can be viewed as weird.

Vegetarians often get labeled as being weird hippies.

Are Vegetarians Mean

Vegetarians often get a bad reputation based on the bold choices of others.

There are cases where people are vocally or physically attacked for wearing fur or consuming meat.

These are the exceptions and are not the view points and actions of all vegetarians.

Do Different Generations View Vegetarianism Differently

Our perspectives of someone and situations are very different depending on how we were brought up and the life experiences we have had.

Anyone that grew up during the depression or hard times views food differently than someone who has never experienced a lack of food.

It’s possible for these people to view someone who is being selective or picky about the food they eat as being unthankful for what they have.

why do vegetarians make people angry

Do Meat-Eaters Feel Guilty Eating In Front Of Vegetarians

When eating a piece of meat in front of a vegetarian a meat-eater may suddenly think about their choices in comparison to the vegetarian, especially if the vegetarian doesn’t consume meat due to animal cruelty.

The meat-eater may feel some guilt at the moment which can turn into anger and frustration towards the vegetarian.

Are Meat-Eaters Envious Of Vegetarians

A person may develop feelings of envy or jealousy towards the vegetarian’s healthy eating habits or lifestyle.

Maybe the person has tried or desired to become a vegetarian and hasn’t been able to do it successfully.

Final Thoughts

I feel like the negative feelings that I have received as a vegetarian have been mostly based on others not understanding a lifestyle choice that is different than the mainstream.

I’m weird!

I also may come across as being a self-rightous pain in the butt when we get together or go out for a meal.

With all of the things I choose not to eat you may wonder what in the world I do eat.

In reality I am just living my life not eating animal products and trying to be healthy with a bit of balance.

It has nothing to do with anyone else but, myself.

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