What Pizza Chains Have Vegan Cheese

What Major Pizza Chains Have Vegan Cheese (Quick Facts)

As more and more people become vegan or choose a dairy-free lifestyle there becomes a larger need for vegan cheese and vegan pizzas. What major pizza chains currently have vegan cheese?

Are There Any Pizza Chains That Offer Vegan Cheese

Ordering a pizza without cheese is often the only option for vegans or those that avoid dairy.

Luckily, there are now many large and small pizza chains that are offering vegan cheese as well as other fun and tasty vegan toppings.

Major Pizza Chains That Have Vegan Cheese

  • MOD Pizza
  • Blaze Pizza
  • Mellow Mushroom
  • Papa Murphy’s
  • Uno’s Pizzeria
  • Pie Five Pizza

MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza is a build you own style pizzeria with delicious options to choose from including vegan cheese.

What Are The Best Vegan And Vegetarian Options At MOD Pizza?

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza is also a fun build your own pizza restaurant where you can customized your own personal pizza with a large variety of ingredients including vegan cheese.

What Are The Best Vegan And Vegetarian Options At Blaze Pizza?

Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom is a fun and groovy pizzeria with many vegan options including melty vegan cheese.

What Are The Best Vegan And Vegetarian Options At Mellow Mushroom?

Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s has recently added 100% vegan cheese to its menu.

What Are The Best Vegan A Vegetarian Options At Papa Murphy’s?

Uno’s Pizzeria

Uno’s is famous for its deep dish Chicago-style pizza, did you know that you can now request vegan cheese on your pizza?

What Are The Best Vegan And Vegetarian Options At Uno’s Pizzeria?

Pie Five Pizza

Pie Five Pizza is a smaller pizza chain with roughly 100 locations.

You will find a wide variety of classic options and topping with the addition of vegan cheese and Impossible Meatballs.

What Pizza Chains Have Vegan Cheese

Small Pizza Chains Or Regionally Located Pizza With Vegan Cheese

  • Screamers Pizza (Brooklyn)
  • Cruzer Pizza (California)
  • Pizza Rev (California)
  • Pieology Pizza (California)
  • & Pizza (Washington, DC)
  • Brixx (North Carolina)
  • Toppers Pizza (Nationwide)
  • Sarpinos Pizza (Midwest & Southeast)
  • Z Pizza (Arizona & California)
  • Buddy’s Pizza (Michigan)
  • Minsky’s (Kansas & Missouri)
  • Patxi’s Pizza (Colorado, California, Washington)
  • Amici’s (California)
  • Fresh Brothers (California)
  • Picazzo’s (Arizona)
  • Pizza Luce (Minnesota)
  • Midici (Nationwide)
  • Uncle Maddio’s Pizza (Southern States)
  • Two Boots Pizza (New York)
  • The Pie Pizza (Utah)
  • 800 Degrees (Nationwide)

Screamers Pizza

Screamers Pizza is a Brooklyn-based restaurant that offers delicious vegan-based pizzas.

You can choose from fun pizza creations like the Vampire which includes vegan cheese on a garlic oil base topped with seitan pepperoni, red onions, caramelized onions, and garlic.

Cruzer Pizza

Cruzer Pizza is another completely vegan pizzeria that offers an abundant selection of vegan pizzas with melty vegan cheese.

You will find Cruzer Pizza located in California.

Pizza Rev

Pizza Rev is another California-based restaurant that is similar in style to MOD Pizza and Blaze where customers can build their own pizza.

You will discover many amazing ingredients on the menu including vegan cheese and Beyond Sausage Crumbles.

Pieology Pizza

Pieology Pizza is also very similar to MOD Pizza and Blaze Pizza with a build-your-own style.

At Pieology you will find an incredible selection of 40 sauces, toppings, and afterbakes including vegan cheese, meatballs, and sausage.


The small pizza chain located in Washington, Dc has a very unique name and style of oblong pizzas.

The uniqueness doesn’t stop there you will find delicious vegan toppings like vegan cheese, vegan sausage, and a spicy chickpea topping.

Brixx Pizza

Brixx Pizza is a small chain of roughly 25 restaurants located in and around North Carolina.

The pizza at Brixx Pizza is prepared in a wood-fired oven, vegan cheese is available for customers to use on any pizza at no additional charge.

Toppers Pizza

Toppers Pizza offers many fun vegan toppings beyond having vegan cheese like plant-based chicken and tater tots.

Toppers can be found in many states but, is not currently available everywhere, it’s best to check their website to confirm if there is a location near you.

Sarpino’s Pizza

Sarpino’s Pizza offers an amazing menu that is filled with vegan options including pizzas, calzones, sandwiches, and pastries.

Z Pizza

You will find Z Pizza located in California and Arizona.

Besides offering some tasty vegan pizzas you can make any pizza vegan by swapping the cheese for vegan cheese.

Buddy’s Pizza

Buddy’s Pizza is a Michigan-based pizzeria that serves up famous Detriot Style Pizza, you can you pizza completely vegan with the addition of vegan cheese.

Minsky’s Pizza

You will find Minsky’s located in Kansas ans Missouri.

You can create your pizza with a variety of vegan ingredients including vegan cheese and Beyond Meat.

Patxi’s Pizza

Patxi’s Pizza offers a variety of menu options including both thin crust and deep dish pizzas all available with vegan cheese and toppings.

You will find Paxti’s located in California, Washington State, and Colorado.


Amici’s is an East Coast Style Pizzeria located in California.

At Amici’s you will find a variety of vegan options including vegan cheese and beyond meat products.

Fresh Brothers

This California-based Pizzeria offers vegan cheese, vegan pepperoni, vegan sausage, and a pizza called Vegan Da Works.


Picazzo’s is an Arizona Based chain that offers an exciting vegan menu filled with an abundance of options including pizzas with vegan cheese.

Pizza Luce

Minnesota-based Pizza Luce offers a vegetarian and vegan menu that is filled with many amazing options including vegan cheese.


Midici is available nationwide in various locations.

At Midici you can expect a wood-fired gourmet style pizza with the option of vegan cheese as well as vegan sausage.

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza

Besides discovering vegan cheese on the menu at Uncle Maddio’s you will also find grilled tofu as an option for your vegan pizza.

Two Boots Pizza

Two Boots Pizza is so much fun with a full menu of vegan options including vegan cheese, vegan chicken, and vegan sausage.

The Pie Pizza

The Pie Pizza is a pizzeria located in Utah and is called “the best pizza in Utah”.

You will find vegan cheese and vegan ground beef on the menu.

800 Degrees

At 800 degrees you will discover a wonderful selection of vegan pizzas including vegan cheese and vegan sausage.

Final Thoughts

Who doesn’t love pizza?

As a vegan or someone who has eliminated dairy, you can often feel left out when you have to order a cheeseless pizza.

Part of the appeal to eating pizza is the meltly cheese.

Luckily, there are many major pizza chains that have added vegan dairy free cheese to their menus as well as many more small chains and local pizzerias.

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